How To Get Caliban 2022 Guide

How To Get Caliban 2022 Guide

The New War expansion has recently been released in Warframe. It’s the largest and newest cinematic expansion ever made by Warframe. There are lots of new content released together with The New War expansion for players to enjoy and unlock.

The New War quest is a solo-only quest that revolves around the return of the Sentients and their all-out war against the Tenno for the right to power over the Origin System.

Caliban is the 48th Warframe to be released, introduced in Update 31 together with The New War expansion.

How To Get Caliban in Warframe

Caliban – Warframe

First of all, Caliban can only be obtained after completing The New War quest. You cannot get him no matter how hard you farm if you haven’t finished the quest, so make sure to go and do it first.

Once you’ve finished the quest, you can easily buy Caliban’s blueprint from the market. After buying his blueprints for 50,000 credits, you can start framing for his parts in different Narmer bounties in Cetus and Fortuna.

The Narmer bounties will be available either in Cetus or Fortuna, depending on the time in Cetus. Make sure to check if it’s daytime or nighttime in Cetus. If you’re out during the daytime in Cetus, you can get the bounty from Konzu. However, if it’s nighttime in Cetus, make sure to go to Eudico in Fortuna to get the Narmer bounty.

Unfortunately, Caliban’s parts are classified as an Uncommon reward, meaning that you can only start getting them from drops starting from the second stage Narmer bounties and beyond. You can also only obtain a single Caliban part from each bounty, so you’ll have to wait for the next rotation before obtaining another.

Additionally, Caliban’s parts also require some Narmer Isoplast to build. You can get these from the Narmer bounties as well, and they shouldn’t be too hard to get because they are available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants.

You’ll also need some Anomaly Shards to craft Caliban’s blueprints. These shards can be obtained through infiltration missions within the Veil Proxima. Luckily, you can guaranteed to get some Anomaly Shards if you kill at least 20 Sentients within the Murex.

Finally, if you don’t want to grind and want to get Caliban instantly, you can always buy him using some Platinum. If you’re willing to spend 325 Platinum, you can get Caliban and save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

Congratulations! You have now unlocked Caliban in Warframe. He has base stats of 100 health, 175 shields, 275 armor, 125 energy, and a 1.1 sprint speed. Caliban also has a progenitor element of Electricity and a subsumed ability called Sentient Wrath.

Written by Borut Udovic

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