How To Get Cotton In Sunkenland

Sunkenland is a new water-themed survival game, and fans are looking for ways to gather various resources. The game tasks players with building a formidable base on the island while diving deep into the sea to find help. Gamers need to prepare themselves for attacks from various enemies as well as manage logistics for the possibility of a prolonged battle.

Sunkenland is about surviving the water and land but also tasks players with collecting and managing logistics, which is tricky. Plenty of arms and ammunition are available for building the base, but players must also find food, cotton, and other resources to survive in the wild. Here’s everything you need to know about How to Get Cottion in Sunkenland.

Finding Cotton in Sunkenland

Sunkenland is all about survival; players need to plant, grow, hunt, and build to ensure their progress in the game. As important as building a solid base, hunting for food, and growing food to survive, one also needs things to wear to survive the adverse weather in the game.

Players need cotton in Sunkenland to craft clothes to protect from the heat and withstand the cold breeze from the seas. However, finding cotton is a task in itself, and as the game is in early access, it has yet to see various developments. The developers have assured that they will make the material more balanced, but one is yet to see how that turns out.

Sunkenland enthusiast’s best bet to find cotton in-game is Faraway Island, which Vector3 Studio representatives also confirm. Players can also look for cotton on the Green Island in the northeastern area, and fans have also claimed to find cotton on the mutant islands.

One must find out how the game will develop in the future, but currently, finding cotton can be very difficult. Players must also be fortunate to come across cotton seeds in Sunkenland. The chances of finding these seeds are meager, but one can create a stable source of this material, so gamers must constantly look for them.

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Written by Borut Udovic

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