How To Get the Gourmand Trophy in Ghostwire: Tokyo

One of the weirder things about Tango Gameworks‘ spirit-hunting action game Ghostwire: Tokyo is that you can potentially come out of it knowing more about modern Japanese snack food than you ever wanted to know.

Every edible item you can find in Shibuya is a potent restorative, which will replenish some of Akito’s lost health and slightly increase his maximum HP. The first time you find any given a consumable, it’ll also give you a free dossier about its history and contents.

For finding every food item in Ghostwire, you’ll unlock the Gourmand Trophy, which is a little harder than it looks.

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You can find food throughout Shibuya in discarded takeout containers, which spawn frequently enough that you’ll never be at a loss for health, and somewhat more rarely in lootable objects like scooters‘ trunks. More reliably, every convenience store offers a dizzying assortment of grab-and-go options.

You can also find “nether-touched” versions of common items in places like monster arenas, otherworld locations, and in random locations throughout the city. These have their own separate category in your inventory and provide a limited-duration buff when eaten.

While some of the food you need for the Gourmand Trophy is randomly generated, it’s also frequent, and you’ll get most of what you need without really trying. As long as you make a habit of grabbing every abandoned takeout container you see, you’ll be fine.

The Phantom Lunch Thief of Shibuya prepares to claim another target.

If there’s something that’s holding you back, it’s almost certainly the handful of foods that are only available from nekomata vendors, which are labeled as Shop Stalls on your in-game map. When found outside a shrine, these generic vendors often sell a single item, and you have to buy at least one of each in order to get your hands on the Gourmand Trophy. If you haven’t unlocked the trophy by the time you’re at or near Ghostwire’s endgame, then you’ve likely missed a nekomata vendor somewhere in the city.

The following table lists the total number of foods available in Ghostwire, in the order in which they’re found in the in-game Consumables menu in your Database, as well as their sources.

Note that Nether versions of foods count separately from their mundane counterparts, and that you don’t actually have to eat all these foods in order to unlock Gourmand.

Rice Ball (Katsuobushi)Max HP +0.4, HP+ 110Takeout containers
Rice Ball (Umeboshi)Max HP +0.4, HP+ 110Takeout containers
Rice Ball (Salmon)Max HP +0.4, HP+ 110Takeout containers
Rice Ball (Tuna Mayo)Max HP +0.4, HP+ 110Takeout containers
Rice Ball (Mentaiko)Max HP +0.4, HP+ 110Takeout containers
InarizushiMax HP +0.4, HP+ 110Takeout containers
YakitoriMax HP +0.4, HP+ 110Takeout containers
Canned MackerelMax HP +0.4, HP+130Convenience stores
Canned SukiyakiMax HP +0.4, HP+130Convenience stores
Canned Inago no TsukudaniMax HP +0.4, HP+140Takeout containers
Enjin Instant NoodlesMax HP +0.4, HP+130Convenience stores
Salted Cryptid CrispsMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
Neri YokanMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
Shoyu SenbeiMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
Yakuza PuffsMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
KarintoMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
KonpeitoMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
Ramune CandyMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
Three-Color DangoMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Convenience stores
Mitarashi DangoMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Convenience stores
Strawberry DaifukuMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Convenience stores
Red Bean OhagiMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Convenience stores
IsobeyakiMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
WatermelonMax HP +0.4, HP+ 110Takeout containers
DorayakiMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Convenience stores
Sakura MochiMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Convenience stores
MizuameMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Takeout containers
Manila Clam Miso SoupMax HP +0.4, HP+ 70Takeout containers
Waka ColaMax HP +0.4, HP+ 40Takeout containers
Green TeaMax HP +0.4, HP+ 55Takeout containers
ShirukoMax HP +0.4, HP+ 55Takeout containers
Energy DrinkMax HP +0.4, HP+ 70Takeout containers
Coffee MilkMax HP +0.4, HP+ 40Takeout containers
KaraageMax HP +0.4, HP +150Shop stall, NW from Shiroyama Shrine
TakoyakiMax HP +0.4, HP+ 150Shop stall, north of Construction Labyrinth
OdenMax HP +0.4, HP+ 150Shop stall, Morite Shrine
Okonomiyaki (Pork)Max HP +0.4, HP+ 110Shop stall, south of Akitsu Shrine
YakisobaMax HP +0.4, HP+ 150Shop stall, at street level, west of Kuo Shrine
Strawberry KakigoriMax HP +0.4, HP+150Shop stall, rooftop west of Shibuya Station/SE from Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate
TaiyakiMax HP +0.4, HP+150Shop stall, SE from Morite Shrine
Tapioca Milk TeaMax HP +0.4, HP+ 100Shop stall, SE from Utagawa Shopping District Torii Gate
Kibi DangoMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Convenience stores
CucumberMax HP +0.4, HP+ 85Convenience stores
Nether Rice Ball (Umeboshi)Max HP +0.4, HP+ 65, doubles timing window for Perfect BlockFound in the world
Nether Green TeaMax HP +0.4, HP+ 50, Elemental Weaving power +10%Found in the world
Nether ShirukoMax HP +0.8, HP+ 50Found in the world
Nether Yakuza PuffsMax HP +0.4, HP +50, Stealth BoostFound in the world
Nether DangoMax HP +0.4, HP+ 65, 10% Defense BoostFound in the world
Nether OdenMax HP +0.4, HP+ 80, doubles timing window for Perfect BlockFound in the world
Nether WatermelonMax HP +0.4, HP+ 80, Elemental Weaving power +10%Found in the world

If you want the biggest bang for your health-restorative buck, the various foods sold by specialized nekomata vendors, such as kaarage, takoyaki, and yakisoba are clearly tops, although you won’t have a big enough health pool for it to truly matter until the late game.

You can get through most of Ghostwire just jamming whatever’s handy down your face and you’ll be fine. During boss fights or particularly difficult encounters, however, it’s worth knowing what’s best.

Conversely, the nether-touched foods that you find lying around the world, particularly in more ghostly areas, are more useful for their buffs than their healing potential. The exception is Nether Shiruko, which you should pound at every opportunity for the accelerated HP growth.


Now that you know how to get the Gourmand trophy in Ghostwire: Tokyo, go grind out some of the game and let us know what you think in our comments section.


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