How to Get Honey Butter Beer – Lost Ark

The Honey Butter Beer is an item that you craft.  It’s used to uncover hidden locations that Mokoko Seeds are hidden. They come both in Rare and Epic loot (Epic being Sweet Honey Butter Beer). When you see a really talkative NPC, that can be the right spot to drink the beer and get tipsy! It may uncover some hidden locations and a potential Mokoko Seed.

This guide will show you how to get Honey Butter Beer in Lost Ark

How to Get Honey Butter Beer – Lost Ark

The Honey Butter Beer contains two items that you first need to purchase from a vendor and go to craft it. You can find the beer in all main cities and purchase it from a Cooking Ingredient Merchant, and usually right next to it will be the Cook, where you craft your Honey Butter Beer.

It’s not expensive at all to purchase the items. Only costs 5000 Silver to get Honey Butter and 10000 Silver to buy Beer. You will need to buy 1 beer and 3 Honey Butter in order to craft the Honey Butter Beer. Which will cost you a total of 25000 Silver.

When the Ingredients are purchased, head over to the Cook where she will craft you some good Honey Butter Beer. You also have a chance to get the epic version of the item named Sweet Honey Butter Beer.

When an NPC mentions any drinking, surely that must mean that there are some Mokoko seeds nearby. Drink the beer and walk around the area, you may find a secret teleportation area that will lead you to a Mokoko Seed.

Written by Borut Udovic

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