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How to Get Imposter Every Time in Among Us

Among Us Imposter Every Time

If you’re like the rest of the gaming world, you’ve likely been playing Among Us recently. As you probably know, there can be up to three Imposters in a game, who are responsible for killing the rest of the crew before they catch on. However, at times may feel like it’s been far too long since you were the killer, so, is there a way to become the Imposter every time in Among Us?

Can You Get Imposter Every Time in Among Us?


Unfortunately, there is no way to get the Imposter every time in Among Us. It’s simply up to an algorithm that randomly chooses a player. That said, if you’re playing in lobbies with 2-3 Imposters, you’ll have a better shot at being one of the chosen than if you’re in a lobby with only one.

A few folks have tried to find some hacks in the AI that will allow them to get the Imposter role more than others, but these are typically patched by developers rather quickly and aren’t worth mentioning. If you’re overly dedicated to trying to figure out how to get Imposter every time, then you can do a quick search on YouTube to see if there are any relevant videos, but we’ve found it’s really just a waste of time.

While it is fun to be the Imposter and try to kill your crew before they figure out what you’re up to, being chosen for the role is simply going to be a matter of choice. At times, it may seem like you’re getting chosen a lot and at other times it may seem like you haven’t been chosen in forever — but that’s just the nature of the AI.

Fear not, eventually you will be chosen and will have your chance to betray your friends. Until then, check out some of our other guides for Among Us. 

Here’s to hoping you get chosen as the Imposter soon! Good luck!

Written by Andrew Smith