How To Get Infinite Money in Redfall (Unlimited Money Glitch)

Redfall money guide
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Redfall just launched, and it’s chock full of bugs and glitches, but some bugs have a silver lining to them. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for money in Redfall. Farmin infinite money in Redfall is pretty easy with this infinite money glitch. Players can rack up thousands of dollars in mere minutes.

To get infinite money in Redfall with this glitch, buy a rewire kit from the Fire Station and head to the house marked on the map. After looking at everything in the house, including the safe, quit the main menu and load back to the Fire Station.

Bear in mind you’ll need to buy another Rewire Kit for 1500, but it’s worth it for the infinite money glitch in Redfall.

The Infinite Money Glitch in Redfall

The Infinite Money Glitch in Redfall
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But why would you want to get so much money? Cash is king, even in Redfall, Massachusetts. Going up against an onslaught of vampires, you must be on your best game. You can buy new weapons and supplies over at the fire station. You’ll always need to be on the lookout for key valuables that can be found spread throughout the game world.

Like in any other game, you can rack up the dough as you make your way through the game, but if you’re still short on cash, there’s an easy method to get infinite money in Redfall. Farming money in Redfall is as easy.

As soon as you make your way to the Fire Station, you’ll need to navigate to a house up the street. Before you do, get your hands on a Rewire Kit, as you’ll need it later. Exit the Fire Station via the red door. Head straight and exit via the gate. Take a quick right, bolt past the truck, and keep moving forward via the sidewalk.

Take a slow right to the end of the Iron fence, and the water tower will be in full view. Here, you’ll see a steep rock ledge that splits the road into two sections. You’ll want to take the left path and continue on the sidewalk.

The Sidewalk will Split into Two Sections
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Again, the sidewalk will curve right, and the road will split into two sections at this point. Head to the corner house right next to the road. A yellow truck will be parked right outside it. To open the door, you’re supposed to use a lockpick but look toward the left. You can break open the window and vault inside the living room.

The Sidewalk will Split into Two Sections
Image Credit: DPJ on YouTube

Loot the gameboard in the living room. Next, head to the Kitchen and loot the Wheatstone and rope. Beware, zombies may or may not spawn inside the house. Continue up and loot the rest of the home. As you go to the last room, you’ll spot some lasers barricading a room.

Quitting the Main Menu
Image Credit: DPJ on YouTube

You could shoot them or just smash the window open and navigate to the other side via the roof. Here, you’ll find a gold watch and a wedding ring. Then, using the earlier Rewire Kit, open the Large Safe.

Now, open up the settings and Quit to the main menu. Load back into the game, and all the loot in that particular house will reset. Bear in mind you’ll need to buy another Rewire Kit. But considering you’ll make bucket loads of money, it’s worth the 1500 buyout.


And that’s pretty much all you need to do to exploit the infinite money glitch in Redfall. Dismantle extra weapons, sell those key valuables, and exploit this cash loop until you have enough money to satiate your greed.

Written by Saad Muzaffar

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