How to Get Zymos Barrel Blueprint 2022 Guide

How to Get Zymos Barrel Blueprint 2022 Guide

Zymos is an infested pistol that releases explosive spores with different types of effects. It’s a secondary weapon with a semi-auto trigger. The weapon primarily deals Puncture and Impact damage making it highly effective against armor and shields.

The Zymos pistol also has an above-average critical multiplier, a pretty high status effect chance, and can hit multiple enemies within a radius. It’s an overall pretty decent pistol and is worth having in any build.

But, before you can get the Zymos pistol, you’ll have to complete its main and component blueprints. We’ll discuss how you can obtain each down below.

How to get the Zymos Pistol in Warframe

Zymos Infested Pistol

One common mistake that beginners make when trying to get the Zymos pistol and its components like the barrel and the receiver is looking for it in the Market. But, you simply have to buy it through Father.

First of all, you have to acquire Rank 1 – Stranger with the Entrati. The Entrati reside inside Necralisk on Deimos. Once you achieve Rank 1, you can buy the Zymos main and component blueprints from Father.

The main Zymos blueprint costs 2,000 Standing, while the Zymos Barrel and Receiver are available for 1,000 Standing each. This totals 4,000 Standing if you want to purchase all of the blueprints for the Zymos Pistol.

After getting the blueprints, you simply need to get the necessary materials required to craft each part. The Zymos Receiver requires 20 Adramal Alloy, 5 Purified Heciphron, 8 Pustulent Cognitive Nodule, and 5 Morphics. While the Zymos Barrel needs 20 Tempered Bapholite, 5 Purified Heciphron, 8 Dendrite Blastoma, and 4 Neurodes. Both components require 12 hours to complete.

After getting the Zymos Barrel and Receiver, you can proceed to craft the pistol and wait for 12 hours to complete it.

You can now equip the Zymos Pistol as long as you are Mastery Rank 11 or higher.

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