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How to Harvest Melons in Stardew Valley

How to Harvest Melons

Stardew Valley’s world and its mechanics make it one of the best life sim games of recent years. While the game is a treat to play, the real fun comes from the growing and harvesting of your carefully tendered farm. One of these delightful crops that can be grown is the humble melon. But, the real question is, how do you harvest melons?

Stardew Valley | How to Harvest Melons

How to Harvest Melons in Stardew Valley

To harvest melons, all you need to do is walk over them like any other crop. You’ll pick them up, and they are ready to sell! Melons will grow faster if you apply fertilizer to them. Here’s how fast they grow per fertilizer:

  • Speed-Grow – 10% faster, 10 days to harvest.
  • Deluxe Speed-Gro – 25% faster, 9 days to harvest.
  • Hyper Speed-Gro – 33% Faster 8 Days to Harvest.

Melons are a fruit that can only be grown in the summer. Without any fertilizer, it will take 12 days to harvest a single melon. However, if you have the Agriculturist profession, you’ll be able to grow them even faster, up to a 6-day harvest without fertilizer.

Although, If you’re savvy, you might want to try for the Giant Melon. In the event you want to attempt making a giant melon, place a single melon seed in a 3×3 square on your farm. Second, you’ll want to water it every day until it’s matured. Third, you’ll keep watering, and not harvest. Sprinklers are great for attempting this! Repeat this process, as there’s a 1% chance you’ll wake up the next morning with a giant melon.

To harvest a Giant Melon, you’ll need to use an ax on it, generating double the melons you put in. Melons are the fruit of the summer, and you’ll be able to make a lot of money harvesting them. Sometimes, they’ll appear on the Help Wanted Board as well!

Written by Andrew Smith