How To Join A Company In New World

In turn, this means, players can only join Companies, which are under another Faction which isn’t the same one as the player. Companies have a maximum member cap, and that is 100 members. Joining a Company in this game, might be pretty straightforward.

How To Join A Company – New World

While the process of joining a Company once you’ve found one is easy, what is not easy is finding one which will include you in the members’ list.

This is due to the fact that every Company in the game has different requirements or prerequisites for recruiting new members. Basically, Companies can be viewed as guilds like in other RPGs in the past.

First off, you’ll need to join a Faction.

Joining A Faction

You can do this simply by completing the “Commitment To The Cause” quest, which is part of the main story-line of the game. There are three Factions to choose from:

  • Covenant;
  • Marauders;
  • Syndicate.

IMPORTANT: Make sure this is the Faction you want to be a part of. Changing a Faction can be done every 120 days, and usually, there is a hefty Azoth fee for that. Also, you’ll have to build up loyalty and reputation within the Faction in question, so that Companies will consider you.

After joining a Faction and building up some reputation or loyalty, you can start looking for Companies.

Joining A Company

Joining a Company is much more complicated than being part of a Faction. This is due to the fact that each individual Company makes its own rules and policies or prerequisites that players have to abide by, or have before they can be considered a member of the Company.

Some Companies which are higher tier will have big prerequisites or requirements that the player has to fulfill before joining it. But some, the low-tier Companies, can be joined with little progress made from the player.

The best way to find a Company is to keep an eye on the world chat. Company recruiters will often use the chat to find new members for vacant member spots.

After that, it is only a matter of contacting the recruiter or the Company and placing yourself up for consideration. As you might expect, it is mainly the Company’s decision whether you become a member of that Company or not.

Players can also look for Companies themselves by typing something along the lines of: “LF Reputable & Higher-Tier Companies”, in the world chat.

Leaving A Company

This is simple to do. Unlike leaving a Faction, there are no fees or harsh actions taken against the player if he or she decides to up and leave the Company.

To do so, open up the Game Menu, navigate to the Company tab and hit the “Leave Company” button.

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