How To Level Up Jobs Fast: Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has given the player 8 Basic Jobs that he can choose from. All of these jobs have their EXP bar and levels. To determine how well a job performs, it’s based on its level. To level up a specific job, you will need to progress through the game and kill enemies that will give you EXP.

This guide will show you the fastest way to Level Up a certain Job in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

How to Level Up Jobs Fast – Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

To start with this simple rotation, you will need to have the Mage Basic Job. To get the Mage Basic Job, you will need to obtain the Hermit’s Club which is located in the Chaos Shrine.

Once you have obtained the Hermit’s Club, you will have access to the Mage job. Switch over to this job as a primary job, and as a secondary job, you will want to put the job that you want to level up.

In the Corridor of Fools in Chaos Shrine. There is a corridor filled with Bomb mobs. Easy to defeat mobs that can boost your EXP well.

The trick here is to use your Mage job for your Firaga spell to shoot the Bombs. Once the bombs are hit they have a self-destruct timer of 2 seconds. Meaning that you have more than two seconds to switch to the job that you want to level up in order to earn EXP.

For example:

Cast Firaga, until Firaga flies over to the bomb, switch to the job you want to level up and you will get EXP.

Finish the whole corridor by doing this simple and easy rotation. Once the mobs are clear, head back to a save point to respawn all the mobs again and continue gaining EXP.

One run will get you around 4000 EXP for your certain job.

The EXP you get can vary with the current level your job has.
Another thing to note is that if you do this on hard difficulty, you will earn more EXP per run and for every enemy you kill.

This rotation can get you access to the advanced jobs much quicker.

Written by Borut Udovic

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