How to Make a Gaming Setup in Minecraft

How to Make a Gaming Setup in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that’s perfect for letting your creative side out. Even though the world and its items are shaped like blocks, you can still pretty much create anything you can think of within the world of Minecraft.

People all over the world have created some insane things in Minecraft. This includes buildings, vehicles, cities, items, and portraits, among many others. Communities have also done big-scale Minecraft projects that recreate things like the Titanic, middle-earth, and other fictional locations.

But, these projects can be very intimidating to do. That’s why we are starting small with this guide and helping you create your own gaming setup. Follow the steps to find out how to make a gaming setup in Minecraft.

Creating a Gaming Setup in Minecraft

Minecraft is a relatively easy game to run. It can pretty much run on most gaming PCs today. For today’s build, we’ll create a triple monitor gaming setup that can easily run Minecraft at max settings with RTX On in 4K. Jokes aside, here’s how to create a good-looking gaming setup in Minecraft.

  1. First of all, dig a hole three blocks wide with one additional block in front. It’s sort of going to take the shape of your arrow keys on your keyboard.
  2. Place a carpet in each of the holes and then place an armor stand on the leftmost and rightmost block.
  3. Next, use a dispenser to place a straight armor stand in the middle carpet. Make sure to remove the dispenser after using it.
  4. Place an iron helmet in each of the armor stands, and then place a slab on top.
  5. Next, we’ll be pushing down the slabs into the helmets. To do this, place a piston facing downwards on each of the slabs and then activate them using a Redstone. Make sure to remove the pistons.
  6. Use a dispenser to place a straight armor stand in the last free block. Then use a piston to push the armor stand to the edge of the space. The technique is the same as we used to push the slabs down.
  7. Next, we’ll have to put another armor stand on the other edge of the block. To do this, build two blocks high and then use a dispenser to put a straight armor stand right on top of the middle block. Then, you’ll have to push it to the edge using a piston and some Redstone. Make sure to put a block on the other side of the armor stand to prevent it from moving too much.
  8. After doing all of the things in step 7, remove all the blocks and watch the armor stand falls into place. Place a chainmail helmet on both of the armor stands.
  9. Next, we’ll be pushing a stair down into the armor stands. You can use the same method we used to put another armor stand in the same block. Just build two blocks high, put an upsidedown stair, and then let the piston and Redstone do the rest.
  10. To make it look more like a table, fill the gaps with some stairs.
  11. Now you should have a full table, a keyboard, and some monitor stands. We’ll be using a button as a mouse. Simply place it right beside the keyboard.
  12. You can also place some wither skeleton skulls on the sides since they look like speakers.
  13. Place some shulker boxes above the table for your cabinets/ storage containers.
  14. Next, you can use some black and white banners for your monitors. Simply use the two boxes design, and place them on your monitor stands.

At this point, a majority of your gaming setup should be done. All you need to do at this point is add in some detail and extra design to your setup.

You can add in a gaming chair, put some lights under the table for that RGB gamer effect or decorate it some more according to your personal preference. I know it can be quite hard to build things in Minecraft, but they’re definitely worth it once you get to see the final results.

Written by Borut Udovic

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