How to Make the First Build – Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game that is required a lot of knowledge on knowing what type of build you want to create in order to progress in the game smoothly.

It’s not only knowledge that is the problem here, the game provides barely any information on how players should build up their character, what gear to put on which class, what points to add while leveling ect..

How to Make the First Build – Elden Ring

Meaning & Understanding Builds

First thing to know for this game is exactly what a build is. Many players just see points and they add numbers to those points thinking that it will make them stronger.

A build is a combination of statistics to allow you player to do a statistic of things. There are endless combinations for builds. If you want the build to be successful, you must balance every single point that you put on. Think of it as a system of gears, once all gears are aligned perfectly, they run smooth without problems. But if one of them is not working properly, the whole system falls apart.

If you have a character with random numbers everywhere, he will be able to do everything that you want. But the problem is that it’s not going to be as effective as you might think.
So, the best thing to do is focus on one style of gameplay for a specific character in order to progress throughout the game.

Making a Proper Build

Upon understanding what a build is, now it’s time to make one. Here you can be as creative as you want. But more importantly you want to have an idea and you stay to that idea.
Because everything you do afterwards depends on that idea that you’ve made for your character.

This is an example that can show you how the numbers of the statistics are being balanced throughout the characters in order for them to maximize their potential in the field.


As you can see the Warrior is looking to be more on the physical side, with having more Vigor, Dexterity, Endurance and Strength. Reason being that the player who has chosen to play warrior wants melee close ranged combat that can be more agile and do damage up close.

With having the most points in Dexterity, the warrior player has decided to be more versatile and dodge enemy upcoming hits. With his equipment you can see that he is using two one-handed weapons and a backup shield if things get interesting and he needs to defend himself.

Enchanted Knight

The Enchanted Knight on the other hand is a bit more interesting. This is a mix of some small close ranged combat, but the player is leaning towards the direction to be more of a caster rather than a close ranged combat fighter. With adding more points to Intelligence, Mind and Strength, making him a caster who is free to cast spells and deal some good damage to enemy foes, but once they get close to him, he can start attacking from up close and finish off the fight.

For the equipment of the Enchanted Knight, you can see that he is having a bit of a mix, rather than the Warrior. He is using a two handed staff, which helps him in doing more damage while casting spells, and a one handed weapon with a shield that can help him do quick and fast slashes on enemies once they get close to him.


The Prophet is rather interesting for his build as he is looking mostly to stay away from melee fight as possible. As you can see by his build in points, he is mostly focused on Faith and Mind. Meaning that he is most likely to use spells that can knock mobs far away from him, having great crowd control and overall stay safe during fights.

He will be able to kill enemies but in the most safe way possible for himself, to not get hurt of course. He can be classed more of a helper to the team rather than a fighter. You can see that he is lightly equipped with any weapons, the normal go to with a one handed club and a shield.


Make sure that you test out some combinations that you try and see which one works the best for you, for your upcoming quests, enemies and bosses. Also see what gear fits your character best. A light weight agile fighter, or a heavy weight protected warrior with slow movement, or a spellcaster.

Creativity is always good and you might end up making the best possible build in the game!

Written by Borut Udovic

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