How To Navigate the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Red Fog in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a lot of interesting places to go, and one of the main areas you’ll end up in very late in the game is the Unmoored World. If you want to know everything you can about the Unmoored World and how to prepare or proceed through the area, give this guide a read.

Be warned, there will be some spoilers for Dragon’s Dogma 2 ahead.

What Is the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Dragon in Dragon's Dogma 2
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The Unmoored World is an end-game area in Dragon’s Dogma 2. After completing the true ending, this is where you will encounter this baffling hellscape, where you are in charge of evacuating multiple cities before they get consumed by the storm. 

It’s very intense and absolutely terrifying. There is a multitude of challenging enemies and dragons to fight along the way and the worst part of it all? You have a limited amount of rest stops that you can use to keep you in fighting shape.

This guide will tell you how to make your way through the Unmoored World, save everyone, and even give yourself more time in the world without everything going wrong.

Navigating the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Arisen lying on the ground in Dragon's Dogma 2
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Navigating the Unmoored World can be an incredibly confusing and stressful experience, considering you have a short amount of time to get everything done. In this part of the game, there is no day or night cycle. Instead, time only passes when you sleep. If you do so, you pass the entire day.

Compared to other areas in the game, if you die in the Unmoored World, your option is to either use a Wakestone, restart the Unmoored World, or return to your last Inn save. 

There are multiple ways you can make your way through the Unmoored World, but there are ways to do it that are more efficient and can save you from losing access to areas in the Unmoored World on specific days. 

For example, some of the quests on the map are time-sensitive, and it is best to head to those first to make sure that you can make it through each city with enough time to spare. 

Luckily, unlocking the true ending gives you access to three additional permanent Portcrystals. This can save you time by allowing you to teleport around the areas without having to rest. 

If you find that you do need to rest, you’ll want to do it strategically. Depending on what day you get to, you may find that you’ve already lost access to a certain area in the Unmoored World and won’t be able to tie up loose ends there.

The Unmoored World is very difficult, and you may find yourself dying multiple times while you’re there. It may take you a while, but it is entirely doable.

Tips for the Unmoored World

Arisen in Dragon's Dogma 2
Image Credit: Capcom.
  • Avoid passing time 
  • Do not sleep unless you absolutely need to
  • Use Allheal Elixirs and replace pawns if low on health
  • Immediately revive your main pawn
  • Visit all Red Beacons in Unmoored World except Seafloor Shrine
  • Return to Talos with your Pawn
  • Follow Talos
  • Evacuate people
  • Explore freely, loot as much as possible
  • All vendors and useful NPCs will appear in Seafloor Shrine after evacuating major cities

Good luck, Arisen.

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