How to Plant Grapes in Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22, a new farming simulation game, contains many different game mechanics. The game aims for players to enlarge and develop their farms by planting and animal husbandry.

The game, which has many new features compared to other games of the series, is also intended to provide different experiences to the players. The grape crop added to the game with Farming Simulator 22 strengthens the simulation experiences of the players with the seasonal cycles.

You can create your vineyards in Farming Simulator 22 with grape growing and enrich your economy by harvesting the grapes you plant.

In this article, you can find out how to plant grapes in Farming Simulator 22 and tricks on it.

How to Plant Grapes in Farming Simulator 22

The planting grape added to the series with Farming Simulator 22 not only strengthens the in-game economy of the players but also improves the simulation experience.

In order to plant grapes, you should watch out for seasonal growth. If the seasonal growth is active, you can only plant grapes between March and May and harvest them between September and October. On the other hand, you can plant and harvest grapes whenever you want if this function isn’t active. In addition, the grape planting process includes the steps of mulched, cultivated, fertilized, harvested, and pruned respectively.

Planting Grapes in Farming Simulator 22

The first thing you need to do to plant grapes is to buy “Grape”. For this, you need to go to the “Store” menu and enter the “Construction” section in the “Others” tab. You can open the “Orchards” menu in the “Production” tab that is placed in Construction and get “Grapes” for $105 from there.

You can plant your grapes in the land you want to plant grapes with a simple click-and-drag method. After this step, the mulching process begins. A few days after planting, you can see the grass growing. At this stage, you can mulch your grapes by equipping a mulcher to any tractor.

After the mulching stage, the cultivating period begins. It is similar to the previous step, but all you have to do is run up with a tractor that equipped the cultivator until the ground turns brown.

The third step is fertilization. In this step, you should use an orchard sprayer to spray all the crops in the orchard. After spraying all the corps, wait a few days and then spray them again.

When the grapes reach sufficient maturity, you can now harvest them. What you need in this step is a harvester. The harvester, which is the indispensable vehicle of your farm, is expensive, but you can easily earn the money you pay in a short time. After harvesting your grapes, you can now move on to the monetization step.

There are several different ways to earn money from the grapes you harvest. Firstly, you can sell the grapes directly if you want. You can also turn grapes into grape juice by processing them or you can produce cereal by making grapes into raisins.

Written by Borut Udovic

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