How to Repair Trade Skill Tools: Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a game filled with amazing professions and skills. A game where you can gear up with different equipment that can get damaged over time. Lucky for us, we have trusty repairmen that are always here to fix up our gear when needed. Just for a small amount of silver, we will get our gear back brand new. With gear, come skill tools. These tools are used for professions such as mining, fishing, cooking, and so on. Those tools can get damaged too, that’s why this guide will show you how to repair skill tools in Lost Ark.

How to Repair Trade Skill Tools – Lost Ark

It’s pretty simple to repair these Trade Skill Tools in Lost Ark really. It’s the same process as repairing your regular gear. After some time of using the pickaxe for mining, it starts to lose durability.For Example, the Apprentice mining tool has 97 durability. Each Trade Skill Tool varies on its rarity, the rarer the tool, the more durability it has, and the more effective it is.

Just head to any of the main cities and there can be found at least 2 repairers.

Once you have reached the location, simply talk with the repairer NPC and you will get two windows on the bottom of the screen, “Repair Gear” and “Trade Skill Tool”. Press on the Trade Skill Tool and on the left side of the window the damaged tools will appear. Select them and for a small amount of silver, he will repair the tools!

Written by Borut Udovic

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