How to Repair Weapons in Breath of the Wild

How to Repair Weapons in Breath of the Wild

Over two years after release, Breath of the Wild is still providing dozens of hours of entertainment to many players. Many of its debuted features have been a far cry from previous Legend of Zelda titles, many of which were met with mixed feelings from long-time fans. A huge issue for many is the new weapon system. Now, weapons have durability stats, with weapons that quickly break. Here is a look into Breath of the Wild weapon repair, as well as info on how to repair weapons. 

Breath of the Wild Weapon Repair | Can I repair my weapon?

How to Repair Weapons in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is a wildly different experience from previous Legend of Zelda games. Up until recently, the Zelda series was an almost linear experience, with a constrained open world. Also, weapons lasted for the entirety of the game. All of that has changed, though, and has left everyone wondering, “is there Breath of the Wild weapon repair?”

To oversimplify, there generally isn’t any weapon repair in the game. There are several weapons that can be “reforged” though, and these are found at different points in the story. For each kingdom storyline that players complete, they’ll be awarded a weapon. Here is each one, and the materials required to reforge them.  

    • Zora – Lightscale Trident: Zora Spear, 5 flint, 1 diamond
    • Gerudo – Scimitar of the Seven: Gerudo Scimitar, 5 flint, 1 diamond
    • Goron – Boulder Breaker: Cobble Crusher, 5 flint, 1 diamond
    • Rito – Great Eagle Bow: Swallow Bow, 5 flint, 1 diamond

While somewhat disappointing, these are the only weapons that can be repaired in any sense. Weapons are plentiful in the game, but the best of them should be used extremely sparingly. There’s also the Master Sword, which never actually breaks. This has a couple of caveats though — it needs to recharge after so many uses, and it’s only available after many hours of play. 

Now that you have plenty of information on Breath of the Wild weapon repair, you should be able to get the most out of every sword you use.

Written by Andrew Smith