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How to Sabotage in Among Us

How to sabotage

Rocketing back into the popular view, Among Us is a social deduction game with cute characters getting murdered. Among Us has taken over Twitch thanks to its crazy matches and simple rules. The idea of “Few Killers vs. Many Victims” is not new to the genre. However, killers usually just kill. In Among Us, Imposters can also sabotage to get the advantage on the crewmates. Unlike kill, you can’t just tap the button and watch the carnage. So, we’ve written a guide on how to sabotage.

Among Us | How to Sabotage

In order to sabotage a player in Among Us, click on the button (just like you would to Kill). This brings up a map of what options you have to throw in the crewmate’s way. Your options are:

  • Doors: Clicking on any doors with X’s through them locks that room. Because of that, you can kill someone in there without anybody being able to enter, and then leave through a vent. Great for isolation.
  • O2: Clicking on this button, specifically in the O2 room on the map, causes the oxygen to start depleting. Two people must act simultaneously to restore oxygen. Good for making people move towards the room.
  • Reactor Meltdown: Basically the same to oxygen, though the crewmates need to solve it differently. Typically on the other side of the map.
  • Lights: Drastically reduces the vision radius of the crewmates. There’s no solution to this. They can barely see around them, so this is an effective way to hide bodies.
  • Communications: Shuts down the task list, task locations, and special functions of rooms (like security cameras or door log). Depending on the map, communications must be reactivated, or the effect must be waited out. Either way, because it’s objective-targeting, this can be a great way to counter people standing in camera rooms and just watching.

In addition to all of this, different maps have different ways to prevent sabatoge. Oh, and sabotage has a 17-second cooldown by default, so don’t go spamming it willy-nilly! Try and use them to isolate and make the crewmates suspicious of one another.

Among Us was released in 2018 by Inner Sloth. A PC and mobile-exclusive, Among Us randomly exploded into popularity in the summer of 2020. Most attribute the popularity to streamers who picked up the game. The game’s goals involve running around a space ship and fixing it until imposters start killing people. Then, it’s a race; will the imposters kill enough people to destroy the ship? Or, will the crewmates exile the imposters before it’s too late?

Written by Andrew Smith