How To Unlock And Become the King Of The Ring – WWE 2K22

The newly released game WWE 2K22 offers the players different controls and combos that they can learn in order to do skillful tactics in the ring. The new uniqueness of the game is becoming the King of the Ring.

This is a side mission story that you can do to become the King of the Ring. Not many new players know how to unlock this story and become the king. That is why this guide will show you step by step how to unlock and become the King of the Ring.

How to Unlock and Become the King of the Ring – WWE 2K22

Unlocking the side mission story called the King of the Ring begins when you open up your phone and check your social feed. From there you will need to go to your DM’s and find “@ScrapDaddyAP”. He is the organizer of this event and he will be the one to notify you when the event will begin.

You will be asked if you are interested in going after the crown. After that, you will need to do a small dialog with him and when the dialog finishes, you will have two options to choose from in order to start the side mission story. You will need to choose “I shouldn’t have to qualify” for the conversation to continue and the mission to start.

After the conversation is done, you will get another pop-up window asking you if you want to confirm the story named “King of the Ring”.

You then will begin your first match against Dominik Mysterio. Finish off Dominik and you will have a cut scene where your next match begins against Apollo Crews. Once Apollo Crews has been finished, you will have to fight another round that is the third round and is against Riddle.

After you finish with all three fights, you will go backstage into Adam Pearce’s office, where he will inform you about the news between Big E and Paragon. It’s some news that Big E and Paragon got into a fight backstage and Big E managed to get injured, where he can’t fight.

You will ask Adam Pearce for him to make you king, he will refuse that and will try to make the “Viper” Randy Orton king. This is the part where you get mad at Adam Pearce and go for your last fight against Randy Orton to take the crown.

Once you have beaten Randy Orton, you will be crowned by the referee and become the King of the Ring.

Written by Borut Udovic

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