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How to use C4 in Modern Warfare 2019

call of duty modern warfare c4 how to use

Modern Warfare, Activision’s most recent addition to the Call of Duty franchise, is chock full of explosive gameplay thanks to unlocks like C4 and the Shrapnel perk. Knowing how to use C4 in Modern Warfare 2019 can change the direction of a match and make you a master of the battlefield. This guide lays out how to use C4 separately with the Shrapnel perk and provides a few tips on how to get C4 kills.

How to use C4 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

how to use C4 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

To equip C4, press left on your controller’s D-Pad or the key you bound to equipment on PC. If you aren’t using the Shrapnel perk, you can press the throw trigger again on consoles or the equipment key on PC to detonate the C4.

How to use C4 with Shrapnel

The Shrapnel perk allows you to carry an extra C4. With double the explosive power, setting up traps and destroying vehicles is light work. If you’re just starting out, however, detonating the first C4 you place without throwing down the second one can be tricky.

To detonate one C4 with the Shrapnel perk before throwing down another, you need to double-tap the reload button. On the other hand, if you are trying to destroy a vehicle or set up a trap, throwing both down is still possible by pressing the throw button twice.

To recap, here is how to use C4 in Modern Warfare 2019:

  • Without shrapnel: Equip the C4 with Left D-Pad or the Equipment Key and place it. Next, double-tap the reload button to detonate.
  • With Shrapnel: Like before, equip the C4 and place it. If you want to detonate the C4 without placing another, double-tap reload. If you want to place both C4s before detonating, then simply place the second before double-tapping reload.

For the most effective use of C4 in Modern Warfare, combine Shrapnel with Restock for additional explosives. Likewise, find unexpected places like ceilings to throw your C4 for the best traps.

Now that you know how to use C4 in Modern Warfare 2019, it’s time to head to the battlefield!

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Written by Andrew Smith