New World Transfers Have Arrived With Update 1.03

Amazon New World Server Transfers
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The newest update to Amazon’s New World brings to us the highly-anticipated ability to transfer your characters to any server located within your region. While there are still a few exceptions to this rule, it’s still a promised tech upgrade that many gamers have been waiting for over the past few weeks.

How to Move Servers in New World

Update 1.03 is rolling out to select users to ensure a smooth transition. The transfers are starting first with Utopia which is located in the AP Southeast region.

If Utopia transfers don’t cause a bunch of issues, New World players in the entire AP Southeast region will get to transfer.

From New World’s official server transfer roll-out plan:

When all worlds are back online from downtime, our plan is to monitor the framework we created without turning transfers on immediately. Once we have confirmed that the framework holds up at scale, we will turn on character server transfers in the Utopia world first, in the AP Southeast region. We will closely monitor transfers in this world, and if anything out of the ordinary occurs our team will need to make manual interventions. If all goes well, we will turn it on for the rest of the AP Southeast region, and continue monitoring. If after 8 hours our team hasn’t discovered any issues, we will fully deploy character server transfers to the other regions.

Step 1: Log into your New World account and go to the in-game store where you can grab a free transfer token. Remember, only your first transfer is free.

Step 2: Leave your current Company.

Step 3: Remember to remove any Trading Post orders you currently have active.

Note: You need to be in a sanctuary to make the transfer.

Just remember that your friend’s list will be wiped and you’ll lose your trading post orders. However, you won’t lose your quest progress, money, items, and other items.

Here’s the official walk-through video for World Transfers:

Additional New World Updates for 1.03

Legacy players who have stuck with New World since its launch will receive a free title and emote from Amazon Game Studios. Go to your Bio tab in the Character window and you’ll see “The Stoic” title if you’re eligible to receive it.

Head over to the store and you can also find the “Waiting” emote which is 100% free. This emote binds to your account so it will remain active across all of your characters.

New World update 1.03 also includes clearer messaging around while players get booted when violating the game’s TOS and AFK rules.

There are also some small bug fixes and other additions that you can see in New World’s full patch notes so you can see everything that’s changed. There may well be a fix for that quest you’ve been stuck on.


  • Jason Ripley

    Jason Ripley is an avid Nintendo Gamer, although he does branch out to other platforms. He is a veteran writer and longtime editor.

Jason Ripley

Written by Jason Ripley

Jason Ripley is an avid Nintendo Gamer, although he does branch out to other platforms. He is a veteran writer and longtime editor.