HUGE New Meta Quest 2 Games Announced At Quest Gaming Showcase

Stumble upon the greatest upcoming games that have been announced this year at the Quest Gaming Showcase. You will be well aware of all these video games, but the updates they’ve received and the way that you can play them will blow you out of your mind.

In our article below, you will find the newest Meta HUGE Quest 2 Games that were announced at the Quest Gaming Showcase.

Games Announced At Quest Gaming Showcase

Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR

You see it and it will be real soon. Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR will be the newest upcoming VR game from the Assassin’s Creed saga.

Unfortunately, the whole community have seen a very small trailer which is just an announcement screen that tells us that we need to head over to Ubisoft Forward which is going to happen on June 12th at 10AM PT.

This is going to be huge for the whole Assassin’s Creed gaming universe as we have never experienced this type of a game to have a Virtual Reality support.

Imagine all the amazing movements, assassinations and missions that players will get to experience both in amazing graphics and sound quality.

Becoming an assassin will truly become an amazing adventures for those Assassin’s Creed loving gamers.

Attack On Titan VR

Yes sir! Another action swinging climbing and slashing VR video game is coming to the gaming universe.

Attack on Titan is a favorite to many anime lovers and now they will have the chance to experience Attack on Titan truly as they will be able to swing towards different buildings and fight against all titans.

Get close and personal to each titan.

You can find the first official trailer for Attack on Titan VR on the official Meta Quest YouTube channel where you get to see the pre-rendered version of the game.

NOTE that this is not the full game with all graphics. Developers want you to see a small taste of what is about to come.

You will find the official video of the Attack on Titans VR trailer on:

Imagine that you will be able to play this game in Co-Op mode as well. On the trailer itself you can see two players swinging towards a titan at the same time.

Meaning that Attack on Titan VR will be a really great game for anime lovers.

The announcement for the full release on Attack on Titan was said that it will be in this winter of 2023.

Samba de Amigo VR

Samba de Amigo is a Rhythm Based game. This is a game from Sega and it will partner with Meta Quest. Samba de Amigo VR will allow you to get up from your couch and start showing off those amazing moves mi Amigo!

A game filled with Mexican inspired movement will get you on the dance floor instantly.

Stranger Things VR

Oh yeah! Stranger things is going to get even scarier in VR. However, unlike most horror games where you get to play as the survivor and run away from the beast.

In Stranger Things VR, you will get to play as Vecna and see how the monstrous world looks like from the inside.

It’s rare to see the player to play as the villain in the game and destroy all houses as well as eliminate every human being that stands in the way.

Stranger Things VR is announced to come in the Fall of 2023. So be prepared because in a few months from now, some amazing adventures will come your way.

Bulletstorm VR

Not many people know this game but I sure as hell do. Bulletstorm was originally intended to be released in VR but never made it there.

However, the developers have created it to be a FPS game where you go around your given map and follow a story.

In this story you will encounter a lot of monsters, defeat them in a very interesting way as well as find unique ways to trash talk your opponents.

Bulletstorm is a very old game that is simply amazing and the movements and mechanics are just out of this world.

Now add VR to this adventure and you will have one of the best experiences out there.

The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest is a video game created by Vertigo Games and it takes you in the middle of nowhere where you only have one big haunted house filled with ghosts who seem to be people that previously lived there.

The 7th Guest VR is coming in 2023, it is going to be filled with a bunch of puzzles as well as a ghost that you need to watch out for.

Ghostbusters VR

We all know Ghostbusters and those interesting adventures where you get to gather along with your friends, gear up and begin catching all the creepy ghosts that haunt your areas.

Ghostbusters VR has been announced in 2023 but from what we can see from this trailer. The game doesn’t look that great. It almost has that cartoonish graphical style and the creepiness and horror is left behind.

Maybe developers will add some final finesses to the game and bring back the scary horrors that Ghostbusters VR has to offer.

Until then, we can stay tuned until we find a different announcement for Ghostbusters VR.

Vampire the Masquerade Justice

Vampire the Masquerade Justice is created by Fast Travel games. In Vampire the Masquerade, you get to become the fastest vampire in your map and slay each human that you smell.

Previously, Vampire the Masquerade was released as an online Battle Royale game where players used to jump on an online map and fight each other as vampires.

Now playing this in VR will surely look cool with all the climbing and fast movements that the game has to offer.

This game will not have multiplayer support at the start, you will be given a story that you can follow and complete various missions.

Puzzles, obstacle courses and many bosses will stand in your way to become the strongest vampire out there!

It will be released in late 2023 for Meta Quest 2 & 3.

Dungeons of Eternity

A co-op dungeon crawling RPG that has a lot of real life physics mechanics and different dungeons.

So, in Dungeons of Eternity, you get to play alongside your friends in Co-Op mode and choose a different dungeon that you want to encounter. Each of these dungeons will have different monsters, traps, items and bosses that you will need to defeat in order to escape from the dungeon and free yourself.

There will be different classes for each player, meaning that you can work together as a team and make an amazing team comp which will be great for each dungeon fight.

As you progress through Dungeons of Eternity VR, you will slowly start to learn which are the best classes for that said dungeon and how you can manage to get out of there as fast as possible.

This game will be released in late 2023.

Racket Club

Racket Club is yet another VR game that will come out in 2023. This is a racket based game where you get to go online with your friends or play in single player mode as AI and simply win tournaments.

The games in Racket Club are games that you can play with a racket and a ball. There will be rules for each game and you can compete against different athletes to see which one is the best.

A great sports game that will surely show you to properly play tennis or any other racket style game.


Underdogs VR is a great upcoming roguelike game where you get to progress through your story underground and go through different levels where there are going to be more than 100 items for you to pick up and equip on your robot mech.

It is said that UNDERDOGS VR will be released in Early 2024. So we do have some time to wait until this roguelike is fully released to the community.

Silent Slayer Vault of the Vampire

A game created by Shell Games will allow you to jump into the Vampire Hunting universe and become the stealthiest vampire hunter out there.

Follow a story and complete various puzzles until you’ve managed to get the correct weapons for each vampire and finally kill them once and for all.

Here you will need to be very careful when you open vampire coffins and make sure you know exactly when to strike your steak in order to kill them.

Be careful from all the incoming jumpscares and make sure to destroy all living vampires to stop them from creating an ancient vampire cult that will take over the whole world.

And there you have it, gamers. In 2023 and early 2024 we are expected to see a lot more exciting VR games that will be available in the new Meta Quest 2.

Written by Borut Udovic

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