Icarus Currency | How To Get It Faster

The workshop is where Icarus players will get all of the upgrades, they need in order to progress in the game. Tons of items can be crafted here, but the main issue is that players need currency in order to craft these items. Currency like – Rocketbucks, which can mainly be acquired from missions. So, how do you speed up your Rocketbuck revenue in Icarus?

Get Currency (Rocketbucks) FAST – Icarus

The fastest and most efficient way of farming Rocketbucks that the community has found, especially IcarusXP on YouTube is by doing the Strange Harvest: Bio-Research.

Basically, this mission can be completed in 10-20 minutes easily. The unfortunate part is the fact that the developers changed the rewards from 100 Rocketbucks for reward for mission completion, to 50 Rocketbucks.

That’s a huge nerf, but you’re still looking at around 200 Rocketbucks an hour with this method.


  • Complete Beachhead: Recon;
  • Complete Livewire: Terrain Scan.

Then, simply start the Strange Harvest: Bio-Research mission. If you have a knife beforehand, take it with you. Then, all you need to do is just run towards the mission objective, which will be southwest.

On the way, keep grabbing stuff on the ground or plants, basically everything.

When you locate the biomatter, you’ll need to interact with it to get a sample from it. Keep your distance here, because this plant can poison you if you get too close. So, just aim at it and slowly move towards it, when you get a prompt that you can interact, gather the sample.

What you need to do next is do the same thing for the other two objectives, because they will be the same. The premise of this whole thing is to complete every objective as fast as possible. Just run like the wind towards the objectives.

Gather the samples from the other two flowers, and run back to ship to finish off the mission.

Like I said, this is nerfed now, but it’s still somewhat viable to do even if the reward is only 50 Rocketbucks per mission.

Written by Borut Udovic

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