Indie World Showcase Highlights From the May 11TH Announcement

Indie World Showcase Highlights from the May 11th Announcement
Photo Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase took place today, announcing a slew of indie titles coming to Nintendo Switch. We’ve recapped the big announcements and included the full presentation below.

Indie World Showcase Highlights from the May 11th Announcement
Photo Credit: Nintendo

Developed and published by Glumberland. Ooblets, a collectible farming simulator, comes to Nintendo Switch this summer. It is currently in early access on Xbox One and Windows.

Batora: Lost Haven is a story-driven twin-stick action RPG from Stormind Games and Team17. It will be available for Nintendo Switch later this fall.

The Indie World Showcase also reveals that ElecHead is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer. The puzzle-platformer originally released on PC last year.

Soundfall, a rhytmn-based action game, is available later today for Nintendo Switch. It is developed by Drastic Games and published by Noodlecake Studios.

Wildfrost, a roguelike deckbuilder from Deadpan Games and Chucklefish, will be arriving on Nintendo Switch later this fall.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator provides, well, a totally accurate battle simulator for Switch this summer. Developer Landfall stated during the Indie World Showcase that they tried to replicate the feeling of playing with action figures as a kid.

Gunbrella was announced during the Indie World Showcase. From Doinksoft and Devolver Digital, it is coming to Switch and Steam in 2023.

We are OFK, an interactive novel adventure starring the band OFK, will launch later this summer.

Silt is an exploration game from Spiral Circus. It releases in June.

Mini Motorways, the traffic management simulator currently available on iOS and PC, is releasing on Nintendo Switch later today. Personally, this is my favorite announcement from today’s Indie World Showcase.

Wayward Strand, an interactive story featuring a journalist visiting an airborne hospital, releases for Switch on July 21st.

Cult of the Lamb, a game where a possessed lamb must build a cult, is coming from Devolver Digital and Massive Monster this year.

Another Crab’s Treasure, a crab soulslike game (yes, this is a real thing), releases for Nintendo Switch in 2023.

The Indie World Showcase finished with a montage of games coming to Nintendo Switch. Many will be disappointed in the lack of news regarding Hollow Knight: Silksong, but there are still a lot of great indie titles coming soon to Nintendo Switch? Which ones are you looking forward to?


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