Is Activision Banned In Russia? What We Know So Far

Due to the current situation with Russia and Ukraine. A lot of threats and sanctions have been sent out to Russia due to their actions. People are protesting on the street and hoping well for Ukraine to survive this invasion.

The United States of America has stated that if Russia does not stop its invasion, there will be sanctions that can lead to an economic crisis in Russia. So far there have been many restrictions for Russian users about gaming. Activision is one of the giant gaming companies that are also on the road to suspending the Russian community for the usage of their products.

Is Activision Banned In Russia? What We Know So Far

Activision Publishing is an American video game company based in California. This company is working alongside Blizzard and Microsoft. Microsoft has made an official statement that it will ban the Russian community from purchasing new Microsoft products.

This action can make the Russian Ruble worth less than it already is worth. As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going. Russia suffered a massive downfall on their Ruble, by more than 30%. Video game companies, movie companies, and even more American companies are stopping chains with Russia in order to stop this.

Activision can do have an effect on this action because most of their published video games are played by the Russian community. Nothing is official yet, if this war does not come to an end it’s believed that major actions will be taken by all these gaming companies in order to stop Russia.

Written by Borut Udovic

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