Is Charlotte FC in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 has been out for some time now and players have been trying to find if their favourite team is present in the game. Playing as part of their favourite football club is the dream of every gamer so it’s only natural to know if the team is present in the game or not. In this article, we will tell you if the Charlotte Football Club Team is available in the game.

Charlotte FC Available In Fifa 22

The Charlotte Football Club is sadly not available for players in FIFA 22. The Football club is not mentioned in the official list of teams available currently in the game. The reason behind this is believed to be the year buffer typically associated with Major League Soccer teams before they become a part of the game.

This has happened in this past with teams like LAFC, FCC, Inter Miami, Nashville, and Austin. However, it is expected that players of Charlotte FC will be included in FIFA Ultimate Team so fans of the club can still have some hope. The FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT is a special mode where players can build their own teams using players from all the leagues.

Coming to Charlotte FC, fans of the club will be relieved to know that the team is expected to be a part of the upcoming FIFA 23 coming next year. So if you have been waiting to play as a player of Charlotte FC then your best bet is to wait for the next FIFA game.

Written by Borut Udovic

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