Is CS:GO Banned in Russia? What We Know So Far

The current situation with Russia and Ukraine has raised a lot of flags due to the attack that is coming towards Ukraine from Russia. Massive protests are happening on the streets not only in Russia or Ukraine.

The whole world is protesting against war and wants to solve this problem peacefully. A lot of hate has hit the Russians. Many sanctions have been made towards Russia that will be a big impact in the future. We will discuss the situation with a popular game called Counter Strike Global Offensive and the Russian community.

Is CS:GO Banned in Russia?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has over 7 million active Russian players on Steam. That is 11.65% of the total CS:GO player base. There has been an interesting post that was found on the internet saying that Gabe Newell is planning to ban the Russian community from Dota 2 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Gabe Newell is the founder of Valve and Steam.

This interesting topic has raised eyebrows on a massive group of players and the Steam community. The reason behind this threat from Gabe Newell is the fact that he does not support war whatsoever against anyone.

So far there have not been any official sanctions on the Russian community about these two specific games. It’s believed that if the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, the Russian gaming community will have to face the consequences on steam and their beloved game.

Written by Borut Udovic

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