Is Nintendo Banned In Russia? What We Know So Far

Because of the current situation with Russia and Ukraine. Protests and threats have been sent over to Russia to stop the war. Even some Russian population is on the streets protesting against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The United States of America has been sending threats to Russia with massive sanctions. These sanctions aim towards stopping the economic rise in Russia. So far from what statistics say, the Russian Ruble is continuously dropping and has dropped by more than 30%.

Massive gaming corporations have joined this plan in banning the Russian community from using their platforms. They believe that this will slowly but surely drop the economy in Russia. We will go more in-depth about Nintendo and Russia.

Is Nintendo Banned In Russia? What We Know So Far

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational video game company based in Kyoto, Japan. This platform develops video games and video game consoles. It has been founded on 23.09.1889 in Kyoto Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi and has been raised ever since.

Today Nintendo is a massive company that has sales all over the world. This is not the most popular gaming platform in Russia, but it can do some impact if it stops its sales towards the country. So far it’s been stated that Nintendo will ban Russian users from purchasing new games on the Nintendo Switch, skins, and add-ons from the Nintendo eShop.

This statement has been made on 05.03.2022 early in the day. It is not known how long this restriction may take place, it’s believed that if the war does not calm down and the situation with Russia and Ukraine doesn’t slowly settle, more and more restrictions will be piled up towards Russia.

Written by Borut Udovic

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