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Is Outriders Open World?

Outriders open world

The third-person shooter Outriders is getting set to come to consoles and Steam later this year, with a playable demo already out. The first impressions are quite positive… but the direction of the game is a little bit shaky. Is this going to be an open-world shooter, a la Anthem or Grand Theft Auto? Or will it be a more linear shooter like Mass Effect? If you’re wondering that yourself, we can lend a hand.

Is Outriders an Open World Game?

Outriders open world

Outriders is not an open-world game. However, it’s not exactly going to be a linear affair; it’s likely going to be closer to standard RPGs, where players can scan through multiple worlds and tiers to level up and gather loot. So, we’re expecting a game that’s rather close to Borderlands 2, where there are areas to explore but you’re expected to explore the area for quests and secrets.

This is a fairly standard formula for looter-shooters. While some, like Remnant: From The Ashes offered a system that allowed you to jump back and forth between worlds, it seems that Outriders will be going for a more simple formula. There’s nothing wrong with that, although we don’t know too much about the potential of this game. It’s possible that areas might level-scale so you can explore whatever you wish!

Outriders is shaping up pretty well so far! If you like the class-based shooter genre with an RPG lean on it, Outriders may be what you’re looking for! Even better, the game seems to be taking some influences from Mass Effect. If you enjoyed the combat (like the PvP) from that series, then this game might be a nostalgia trip for you… And it has three-player co-op! Keep your eye on this one; it might end up being a shining diamond in the rough.

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Written by Andrew Smith