Is PayPal Banned in Russia? What We Know So Far

Due to the current situation with the Russian army attacking and invading Ukraine. Giant protests have occurred in many countries against Russia. This has led the whole Russian economic situation to collapse by 30%+, PayPal is a massive company that is used by the whole world.

There have been many threats from the United States of America that Russia will be sanctioned, the Americans believe that these sanctions will lead to a economic crisis where the Russian military cannot progress in their invasions any longer. We will discuss PayPal, and if it’s supporting Russia.

Is PayPal Banned in Russia? What We Know So Far

Joe Biden has sent out massive economic sanctions towards Russia. He believes that in some time that the Russian president will have to call back the invasion on Ukraine, due to not having enough resources to continue his invasion.

Stopping massive Russian chains that do business with dollars, euros, pounds, and yen. He has cut off the largest Russian bank from the United States financial system. Russian assets have been frozen in the US, imports, and exports related to Russia have been stopped.

PayPal is also another way that Russians used to transfer money all across the world. It has been stated that “PayPal Holdings Inc stopped accepting new users in Russia on 02.03.2022 due to the current circumstances.”

This sanction has begun as of today and nobody knows if it will be stopped. So far the people of Russia are blocked from using PayPal.

Written by Borut Udovic

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