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Is Star Wars Squadrons Multiplayer?

Star Wars Squadrons Multiplayer

Star Wars Squadrons is a recent and new addition to EA’s roster of the space-themed games, and players are currently wondering about its multiplayer offerings. Specifically, players are wondering what kind of multiplayer options are available. So, in this guide we will take a look at all of the Star Wars Squadrons multiplayer game modes.

Does Star Wars Squadrons Have Multiplayer?

Star Wars Squadrons Multiplayer

Yes, Star Wars Squadrons has a multiplayer mode and it is one of the biggest attractions the game currently offers to players. But what may not be clear is the depth of Star Wars Squadrons’ online offerings, so let’s take a look. Upon the game’s launch, two game modes are currently playable in the game — Dogfights and Fleet Battles.

In Dogfights, players will find themselves thrown into 5v5 team-based dogfight battles akin to the traditional multiplayer modes in games like Rainbow Six Siege and CSGO, but in space and with spaceships of course. In this game mode, the first team to reach 30 kills wins the game.

With Fleet Battles, players will engage in 5v5 battles in teams that have the goal of wiping the other’s fleet through fast pace dogfights or coordinated assaults on the enemy ships. The game mode is also slipt into multiple stage battles where players will have several goals to complete in a match.

Overall, the game offers up some fairly decent rounded experiences through both of its multiplayer modes. If you just want fast paste action, the Dogfight game mode is for you, but if you are in the mood for something more tactical, Fleet Battles are probably more your kind of game.

That said, these two game modes are not the only feature being offered currently by developers, as the game also has crossplay support. Star Wars Squadrons’ crossplay allows players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 to all be matched together in both game modes so you can play with your friends regardless of platform. You are also able to disable Star Wars Squadrons’ crossplay by going into the options setting within you EA account.

Now that you know everything about Star Wars Squadrons multiplayer you can download it today through EA Access.

Written by Andrew Smith