Is Steam Really Banned In Russia?

The current situation with the Russian military invading the Ukrainian lands. Many people have risen flags and fists in protests to stop the war! Joe Biden, the president of the United States of America has made a clear decision that Russia will have big sanctions.

And already the Russian Ruble has dropped 30%+ of its value. An interesting picture has been posted on the internet of Gabe Newell who is the founder of Valve is thinking of suspending the Russian community from any type of games related to Steam. And Steam is a platform powered by Valve.

Did Steam Remove Russia?

With the constant progression of the war between Russia and Ukraine, there are numerous threats and sanctions that are sent to Russia. One of the threats and rumors are about Steam removing Russia from its platform. This will trigger a massive loss in players in the Steam community.

Till now, Steam has recorded 13.6 million users from Russia. That is 11 Percent of the whole Steam Community. A popular post on the internet has appeared from the founder of Valve, Gabe Newell. He sent a threat that the Russian community may be suspended from using Steam as its gaming platform.

This is a threat for some games that are on Steam. For now, all we know is that Russian developers are not being able to get paid from Steam. Steam has banned all payments to accounts from Russia. Bank transactions related to Steam and Russian accounts are currently banned. The only way Russians can make transactions is through PayPal.

A tweet has been found that a Russian game developer cannot be paid anymore from Steam with the following message: “Your payment did not fail. Payment to this institution would not be successful”.

Written by Borut Udovic

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