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Is Valheim Coming to PlayStation and Xbox?


The intense popularity of Valheim was surprising to a ton of people. The survival crafting game took Steam by storm and everyone seems to love it. Because of that, PlayStation and Xbox owners might feel like they’re being left out of the fun. Popular games like Valheim do tend to make their way over to consoles, so surely Iron Gate will consider making the swing over… Right?

Is Valheim Coming to PlayStation and Xbox Consoles?


Unfortunately, as of right now, Valheim has no roadmap to make its way over to PlayStation and Xbox. It also doesn’t seem to be making its way over to Switch either! Currently, the Valheim developers are considering making a Mac version of the game, if there’s enough demand for it. A console version does not appear to be in the works, so… that stinks!

That being said, there is no proof that Valheim won’t be heading to consoles eventually. The developers specify that they aren’t ruling out console versions of the game. Currently, they’re just planning on a Mac version first. Considering the difficulties of porting to consoles compared to just developing a Mac version, this is completely fair.

However, it’s unlikely that the developers of Valheim expected their game to explode in the fashion that it did. It’s likely that Coffee Stain Publishing might encourage the developers to expand into an Xbox and PlayStation version in the future.

I would not be super optimistic about this future being anytime soon though. The game is currently in early access, and thus it’s barely even at a point where the developers are overly happy with it. To continue working on an early access game and working on multiple different versions at the same time is a recipe for disaster. I wouldn’t wish that fate on most AAA titles, let alone this smaller work.

For now, Mac fans should be excited. Console fans on the other hand should probably wait for a few updates when the build might be better for console hopping.

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Written by Andrew Smith