It Takes Two and GTA San Andreas Coming to Xbox Game Pass in November

A few years back, Netflix became the dominant streaming television service. Not only did the company show films and movies from other studios, it created its own. Now, almost every television channel has its own pay-per streaming service.

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It is no different in the video game world where Xbox created a streaming game service back in 2017. Xbox Game Pass has enjoyed significant growth and offers a number of different packages. Like Netflix, each monthly drop of titles is hotly anticipated. And it looks like this November is going to be one of the best in a while.

The fall month is headlined by Hazelight’s Studio’s It Takes Two and San Andreas, a legendary 2004 release from the Grand Theft Auto Series.

In It Takes Two, an unhappy couple is set to divorce. Their distraught daughter begins to act out their relationship with her handmade dolls that represent her parents. The pair is then dragged into the world their daughter created for them. The game has been a financial smash with 4 million units being moved so far and has received outstanding reviews from critics.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a blockbuster title that first appeared in 2004. According to Rockstar Games, more than 27.5 million units have been sold since its release. Streamers will look forward to the cool blast of nostalgia that comes with the title.

Other games that will be a part of the November release include, Forza Horizon 5, Unpacking, Kill it With Fire, Football Manager, and One Step From Eden.


Todd Neikirk

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