Jaws of the Lion DLC for Gloomhaven Releases May 17th

The Gloomhaven digital release is seeing its first DLC update on May 17th with Jaws of the Lion.

Jaws of the Lion DLC for Gloomhaven Releases May 17th
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Originally released in 2020, Jaws of the Lion is a stand-alone Gloomhaven experience catered towards beginners or novices. However, when it comes to the digital version, you need the base game to enjoy the expansion.

The DLC will add a total of four new mercenaries: The Valrath Red Guard, the Inox Hatchet, the Human Voidwarden, and the Quatryl Demolitionist. 10 new items, 25 new scenarios, new monsters, bosses, and events are all being added to the game as well. Flaming Fowl Studios and Asmodee Digital are promising 30 hours of content.


Like the base version of Gloomhaven, four players can join online for co-operative play. All players will need to own the DLC, however, to play. If you’re starting a new campaign, you can choose between base Gloomhaven or Jaws of the Lion.

The tabletop edition of Gloomhaven also saw an add-on expansion, Forgotten Circles. There are currently no plans to release it per a FAQ on Steam, but Jaws of the Lion won’t be the end of support for Gloomhaven.

Jaws of the Lion will be available on both Steam and GoG on May 17th.



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