Kharmine’s Lair Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

Kharmine’s Lair is located on the east side of Feiton. This is an open island, meaning that you can go to it anytime you wish. It has a required item level to enter, which is 460. It is an island filled with Demon Army, gathered by the mysterious Demon Kharmine. Filled with evil energy! The island is not big to cover all grounds, it also has 3 hidden Mokoko Seeds around the area. This guide will help you find all 3 Mokoko Seeds in Kharmine’s Lair Island.

Kharmine’s Lair Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

Location 1 (Mokoko Seed 1)

The first location for the Mokoko Seed in Kharmine’s Lair can be found and collected on the north side of the map. From the middle of the map, just keep heading north and as the path ends, shift left and follow the corner of the map. Just behind the boulder, the first Mokoko Seed can be spotted and collected.

Location 2 (Mokoko Seed 2)

The second location is placed close to the first one. The second Mokoko Seed can be found on the northwestern side of the map, on the same road where the first seed was. This time you will need to follow the outer side of the road in order to reach the seed. Hidden inside the water, the second seed can be spotted and looted!

Location 3 (Mokoko Seed 3)

The third location for the last Mokoko Seed on Kharmine’s Lair can be found on the southern side of the map. On the inner part of the road, you will see some grass that’s coming out of boulders from the ground. Right in that exact location, the third Mokoko Seed can be located and collected.

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