Kingdom Hearts 4 Revealed and Sora Wears Normal Sized Shoes!

Sora runs through city streets in Kingdom Hearts 4
Photo Credit: Square Enix

It’s been twenty years since the debut of Kingdom Hearts, and today, Square Enix revealed a look at the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts 4 alongside two mobile games. We’ve ranked all of the Kingdom Hearts games from best to worst so it will be interesting to see where the fourth mainline game stacks up. Kingdom Hearts 4 will be titled the “Lost Master Arc,” and will see Sora, alongside Donald and Goofy, launched into a world that looks more familiar to our own than any they’ve been to before. A new RPG mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link also debuted. Finally, the last chapter of the 2D mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road was announced.

Sora runs through city streets in Kingdom Hearts 4
Photo Credit: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 4 looks as action-packed as the games that came before it. It picks up after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Re Mind DLC. Sora looks less cartoonish than before, and no longer has his giant clown-like shoes! In the trailer, he faces off against what appears to be a giant Heartless that can be seen invading the city of Quadratum. It picks up cars and citizens can be seen fleeing and even filming him with their cell phones. According to the official Square Enix blog, the girl Sora meets in the trailer is Strelitzia from the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] game. Other than that, details are sparse, but there are plenty of things superfans can speculate on.

A player fights a giant Heartless in Kingdom Hearts Missing Link
Photo Credit: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is coming to iOS and Android. Little information was given about the game, but Square says it “is the first location-based action RPG in the Kingdom Hearts series, bringing iconic worlds like Scala ad Caelum into the real world.” It sounds like it might be similar to Pokemon Go, but it’s hard to say at this point. The trailer shows a player running through city streets and forests. Battles with Heartless take place in small arenas. It looks like players attack by summoning small statues of various characters from the series. I noticed Mickey Mouse and Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 being summoned. 

Keyblade wielders fight a dragon in Dark Road

The final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road is coming in August of 2022. We ranked it last in our roundup of all the Kingdom Hearts games, but it has its own fanbase. Be sure to check out the 20th Anniversary Announcement Trailer below to see all three games Square Enix announced.

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