The Latest Season of Pokemon Go Will Be Themed on Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The latest season of Pokemon Go Will be themed around Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Image Via Niantic

Pokemon Go was released in 2016 and almost immediately became a runaway hit. The mobile game, which was downloaded over 500 million times that year, was seen as incredibly fun to play despite some glitch issues.

Subsequent seasons have been released each year since then. Since the game depends of being outside much of the time, COVID-19 presented unique issues. So seasons released the last two years tried to work around that.

The latest release of the game is set to premiere on December 1st. And it has now been announced the season will be based around Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The latest season of Pokemon Go Will be themed around Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Image Via Nintendo

The game is set in the now Sinnoh region that was then named the Hisui region. There are some new characters like a Hisuian style growlithe, Wyrdeer, a new Stantler evolution, and a Scyther named Kleavor.

But the key new character will be Arceus. According to Tom Phillips from Eurogamer:

“The big thing, though, would be the debut of Arceus itself. This highly-anticipated Mythical Pokémon – said to be the god of all Pokémon – is able to become any of the franchise’s 18 Pokémon types (Rock, Water, Fire, etc.) and holds the highest base stats of any creature in the franchise. It’ll be interesting to see how Arceus is released and how its type-changing will be handled.”

Check out a trailer for the latest season below:

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