The Latest Xbox Update Features 4K Dashboard and Other Very Useful New Additions

Microsoft's new October update has some impressive features
Image Via Microsoft

Back in the times of Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo, adjusting games could be a slow and tedious ordeal. But today’s gamers can let companies know what features they are looking for an adaptations can quickly be made.

Image Via Microsoft

And these changes are very beneficial to both users as well as the system makers. Xbox has just dropped a new October update and the new features are very useful.

First, there will be a jump to a native 4K resolution dashboard. Previously the dashboard had been set to 1080p. Microsoft has told gamers that game art and button prompts will have increased sharpness and improved text readability.” The company also released an image via their UK Twitter feed so people could see just how drastic the change is.

Gamers are also known to have trouble turning their systems off and going to bed. The Xbox update will attempt to help all-night players out with a new blue light feature called Xbox “night mode” which will allow for the adjustment of a blue light filter to protect the eyes of users.

Finally, Xbox will be adding a quick settings feature. This will allow gamers to adjust their setting on the main screen without having the pause the game. This also lets people who share a system with others so they can quickly make adjustments when they jump onto the console.

The new features are now live on the system. So any gamer looking to update can quickly boot up their consoles and take advantage of them.

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