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League of Legends
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Raising your ranking in League of Legends may seem impossible, from our perspective, as average players. Of course, we all love the game, but that doesn’t change the fact that some things are unbalanced and, even more importantly, that the community is quite toxic.

Being in a game where one lane goes AFK, the other guys are drunk, or simply just toxic and harmful can affect your progress and the time for it. Ultimately, even with those unfavorable factors, how you climb and at what speed, believe it or not, is mainly determined by you, your calm, and your abilities.

We are not here to talk about the things that are missing or bad in the game; we are to help you understand how the game works and the secret formula for climbing up fast. League Of Legends is a very complex, profound, and big game. Learning it absolutely by yourself takes a lot of time. So, the best advice we can give you is that, besides practicing and playing, watching great players and tutorials can make your life a lot easier. 

We handpicked some of the best videos and streamers on youtube, stream, and other platforms that will help you build an enormous game knowledge just by watching them. And the best part is, there’s no catch. It’s completely free on their streams. It just depends on you and what platform or streaming service you prefer. 

The following tutorials and videos are great for all the new players, and besides them, it’s for experienced ones too. There’s always something new to learn. 

Before trying to figure out the new meta or how to exploit the new patch bugs and mistakes, you should first focus on learning the game’s basics, the most important things you should know, and what skills are necessary for being good. Learning some basic stuff, knowing the difference between micro and macro, and practicing and paying attention to the game mechanics will help you become a great player.

The following tutorials will refer to the most basic knowledge and general information that every player should know and pay attention to. After you’ve reviewed the basics, we will move on to tutorials for each lane separately.

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1. The Basics, Farm, Kills, Micro, and Macro

The following links for tutorials serve as means for learning the basics and things which everyone should pay attention to and should also, of course, know.

The first video link leads to the best complete beginners guide for new players:

The COMPLETE Beginner’s Guide – How to Play League of Legends!

The second link is for people who want to get more detailed information and go more into depth about how things work. This is one of the best tutorials for the League of Legends fundamentals tier list:

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW – LoL Fundamentals Tierlist (full video) 

Farming and kills

After getting through the basics, we will focus more on the gameplay and mechanics that will significantly impact how fast you rank up in the solo/duo queue. In most cases, over 90 percent of new players have no idea how important farming is in the game. Even veteran players are unaware of this fact. 

This is one of the main reasons why people are hard-stuck in divisions below platinum. What is important to emphasize, and one of the reasons why this is among the first things on the list, is that farming is much more important than kills. The farm gives much more money if it is done in the right way, and it also offers much more experience. 

The third link leads to the video where the best quick tips for getting a better farm are explained:

4 Tips To IMPROVE Your CS and Farm Like The Pros – League of Legends.

Besides the first video with quick tips, we present a more profound and detailed guide where the fundamentals are well explained. This is for everyone who wants to understand how farming works from scratch:


Also, one fantastic mention is a tutorial on how to farm like Pro LCS players:

250 CS at 20 MINUTES!? How YOU can FARM like the GOD CHOVY – League of Legends.

Micro and macro

If you want to improve and rank up faster, you should introduce yourself with the terms Micro and Macro. Understanding what they are and how they affect the game’s outcome is very important. 

Video explaining how macro works and what it is:

What is Macro in League of Legends?

Guide on how to use the macro in low elo: 

How to MACRO in LOW ELO – League of Legends

What is better for climbing in low elo? Mechanics or Macro? This video explains it all:

MECHANICS VS MACRO: Which Is Better For Climbing? | League of Legends Guide

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2. Champions, Items, and Metas

League of Legends offers more than 160 champions with unique abilities and roles. The best advice is to reduce the range of heroes you play. Learning to play one champion well can take a long time. Each champion has unique mechanics, abilities, and roles, which are challenging to understand. 

How to choose your main champion is explained in the following video:

How to Choose Your MAIN Champion! – Beginner’s League of Legends Guide

Also, if you want to learn champions quicker, this is an excellent video on how to save time while learning any champion in the League:

[FAST & EASY] Learn ANY League of Legends Champion Done QUICK Guide

The current season of League of Legends is season 13. Here is an excellent video on choosing the best champions for the current setting:

How to Choose Your MAIN Champion in Season 13! – Beginner’s League of Legends Guide


The item shop in League of Legends is an unavoidable part of the game. The knowledge about items and how to use them will help you become a better player. When buying an item, which is the most profitable, and in which case a particular item is needed, is the knowledge you need to have if you want to carry the game.

Every game in the rift is unique. Building always the same items on a champion won’t do the trick. It would be best if you learned how to build the correct items in every single game.

This is an excellent tutorial on how to itemize and build the right items in every game, depending on the opponents and other factors:

NEW Itemization Guide for SEASON 13: HUGE CHANGES!

There’s also a great shop and items guide for the current season, where everything that is necessary is mentioned:

 The League Shop Explained: A Beginner’s Guide to League of Legends Items 2023


Almost every two weeks, Riot changes the rift, which can greatly affect the gameplay. Following the new and current meta is something all the great players do. Unfortunately, there isn’t a concrete guide on how to do it. You have to keep up with the changes on new patches. Exploiting the vulnerabilities of patches can help you get a big win streak. 

Here are some examples of the current meta in patch 13.6: 

20 UPDATED BROKEN Champions for Patch 13.6 – BEST Champs to MAIN – LoL Guide (Every ELO)

NEW TIER LIST for PATCH 13.6 – League of Legends

Every In-depth Lane Guide

league of legends
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Every lane is a story for itself, and it takes hours and hours to master just one lane properly. So, that’s why we will add a list of in-depth guides for every lane individually.

This means that all players, from top to bottom, can understand how to become the masters of their lane. Keep in mind that “in-depth” means that the guides take longer to finish and are always longer and more detailed, but that’s all with the purpose of teaching you how the lane works in every aspect. 

Mid lane in-depth guide:


Top lane in-depth guide:

The ONLY Top Lane MACRO Guide You’ll EVER NEED – League of Legends

Jungle lane in-depth guide:

The ONLY JUNGLE MACRO Guide You’ll EVER NEED – League of Legends

Bottom ADC and Support in-depth guide:

LEARN TO ADC: Updated Bot Lane Guide For Season 13 – League of Legends

HOW TO SUPPORT: Updated Support Lane Guide For Season 13 – League of Legends

Universal Tips and How To Keep Yourself Calm

After finishing the basics that everyone needs to know, we will talk more about some universal tips that will help you climb up the low elo fast. 

For example, the following links lead to videos without explaining the mechanics and details. But they cover entirely tips and advice on improving overall in League of Legends. What are the things you should pay attention and how: 

The FASTEST Way to IMPROVE at League of Legends

The #1 THING YOU can do to IMPROVE – League of Legends


How to maintain your peace

You are unaware of how keeping yourself calm can help you leave the low elo quickly. But, unfortunately, the League of Legends community is what it is, and that toxicity level can only harm you. If you want to be able to make rational decisions, stay more focused and experience better teamwork, you have to learn how to keep your cool. 

Besides the fact that it will help you with everything mentioned above, you will start to enjoy the game more. At the end of the day, League of Legends is a video game, and it’s meant to be fun. It’s not meant to be a reason for your frustration. 

Here is an excellent example of how not to tilt and keep yourself calm and positive, even while losing:

How To Keep A Positive Mental League Of Legends

DONT PANIC! Stay calm and take your time in team fights! [Challenger Coaching]

Honorable Mentions 

Besides watching tutorials and explanation videos, one great way of improving skills in the game and learning new things is watching streams of famous YouTubers and streamers. Watching them play, fight, farm, and communicate can significantly help.

We will mention some of the most popular and exciting streamers that are fun to watch and from whom you can learn a lot. Some of them have their Patreon and channels where you can subscribe. Mostly they are free, but some Patreon for subscriptions aren’t that expensive, and they offer much in return. 

Best Streamers and YouTubers


Understanding the game mechanics is crucial to becoming a better player. League of Legends is a big game requiring much skill and time. Instead of spending hours and hours to improve by learning from your mistakes, watching others do that is a great way to avoid spending too much time. 

Sometimes a short video of six to seven minutes can be more helpful than 20 games spent in the game. So please turn on your brain, and be innovative as possible to make it easier for yourself to rank up.

Written by Vuk Jovanovic

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