League of Legends: Best Solo Carry Champions

Best champions to solo carry in league of legends

League of Legends is a 5v5 MOBA game that requires teamwork to make the dream work. Your main goal is to destroy the enemy Nexus, located inside their base protected by a total of 11 towers. There are different champions that each have unique abilities and play specific roles within the game.

For the most part, the team with a better strategy, better game knowledge, and better teamwork wins the game. However, sometimes having a lead within your role can easily help you dominate the game and “solo carry” your team to victory.

If you want to climb the ranks, especially in lower elos, you’ll have to do it the hard way solo carry yourself out of elo hell. Here are a few of our picks for the best solo carry League of Legends champions.

Best Solo Carry Champions for Each Role in League of Legends

We’ve selected three different champions for each role that can help you carry the game. We’ve chosen different types of champions so that you can find one that suits your playstyle. Some have a more support role where you help your team, while others simply go full ham and kill anyone that stands in their way.

Note: These champions and picks are based on League of Legends patch 12.2 and 12.3. It’s not guaranteed that these champions will still be good and can carry games in future patches.

Solo Carry Champions for Top


For our first top lane pick, we chose Darius. Darius has always been a relatively safe pick as a top laner. He has great sustain with his Decimate (Q) skill, has decent damage, can take decent damage, and has a great ult that resets with every killing blow. It’s also very annoying to lane against a Darius because of his passive ability that lets you bleed while he gains extra attack damage.

When playing as Darius, you’ll mostly want to pick Conqueror as your main Keystone. You should also ban out some of the popular ranged top laners such as Teemo, Quinn, or Vayne because they can be quite difficult to deal with.

A Sterak’s Gage and Dead Man’s Plate combination with Darius is pretty much standard. However, you’ll definitely want to build these items as your 2nd and 3rd items, respectively. For your first item, you have a few different options. Depending on the matchup, you should build a Trinity Force, Stridebreaker, Goredrinker, or Divine Sunderer.

As Darius, your main goal is to try and bully your opposing laner, get a huge advantage early game and snowball your lead. During the late game, you’ll be a tanky beast that deals an insane amount of damage while having incredible healing potential in team fights.


Next up, we have Shen. Shen plays a drastically different role than Darius. As Shen, you should mainly focus on winning your lane while influencing the map when you unlock your Ultimate. With the recent adjustments to Teleport, Shen has a huge advantage over the other top laners. I definitely suggest getting Ignite instead of Teleport at this point.

Shen doesn’t have insane damage, but he can still bully lane with his tankiness and auto-blocks. If you take Ignite, you also have some additional pressure that you can use to bully your opponents. You’ll definitely want to ban champions like Mordekaiser, Kayle, or Singed since they can greatly counter you.

You’ll need Grasp of the Undying as your main Keystone to help you get some sustain while in lane. You’ll also want to do a heavy tank build so that you can frontline for your squishy allies and set them up for kills with your Shadow Dash’s (E) taunt.

Shen is one of the few champions that can create map-wide pressure because of his Stand United. Because of the changes to Teleport, Shen is a great pick that can help you solo carry games by supporting your allies.


Finally, we have Urgot. Urgot is another great pick for the top lane because of his ability to completely dominate lane in the early game. He has great poke and all-in capability. One mistake from your opponent can easily change the outcome of the whole laning phase.

Urgot is a great all-around top laner who can tank some damage when needed and quickly kill enemies when his ultimate is up. You’ll want to take Press the Attack on Urgot and focus on his core build of Titanic Hydra, Black Cleaver, and Frostfire Gauntlet.

You’ll mainly want to stay away from tankier champions like Dr. Mundo, Cho’gath, and Trundle. Since they can counter you quite easily. Urgot also has a decent gap closer with his Disdain (E) that you can use to either chase down an enemy or set up for your team.

Solo Carry Champions for Jungle


Warwick is an incredibly fun champion to play. You become super fast with your Blood Hunt (W) and can easily chase down enemies with low health. You also have incredible sustain with your Jaws of the Beast (Q) ability and can take a decent amount of damage.

One surprising thing about Warwick is his ability to last in fights while also dealing great damage. If you’re ahead, you can easily take down a squishy enemy on your own. However, you can also set your team up for kills and start a team fight by using your Primal Howl (E) and Infinite Duress (R) together to lock down a single enemy and fear the rest.

In the jungle, you should always take Press the Attack. Use Emberknife as your starting item, and build towards a tanky/bruiser type build. Items that work great on Warwick include Divine Sunderer, Titanic Hydra, and Thornmail.

Make sure to ban or stay away from champions like Nunu & Willump, Rammus, and Shaco since they can counter you quite easily. As Warwick, you excel in the early game and on 1v1 fights. Make sure to counter jungle, gank lanes, and snowball your early lead to a win.

Master Yi

Master Yi has always been known as one of the best solo carry champions in the entire game. If you can scale properly or get a good lead, Master Yi can become unstoppable. He’s also very easy to use and can be learned in a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, Master Yi isn’t that good in high elo. High elo players know how to counter him and starve him of the resources that he needs to get ahead. But he’s still a menace in lower elos. He’s still a great and viable pick if you’re looking to climb the ranks.

I suggest taking Hail of Blades and starting with the Hailblade. From there, you can build a Duskblade of Draktharr and The Collector and then a Sterak’s Gage to protect against bursts. You should also ban champions like Shaco, Vi, and Trundle.

Overall, Master Yi has insane damage, great sustain, and amazing solo carry potential when used the right way.


The speedy ghost boy is our final pick for the jungle. Hecarim is an insanely fun and enjoyable champion to use because of his godly amount of movement speed when used properly. He also has amazing engage and can help your team take down the enemy squishies.

Hecarim has great sustain and clear potential thanks to his Rampage (Q) and Spirit of Dread (W) combo. He is also one of the best junglers that can easily access the backline and bring them towards your team.

You’ll definitely want to go with Phase Rush matched with Hailblade as your starting item. Make sure to rush boots and build Turbo Chemtank and Manamune after. You’ll also want to take Ghost instead of Flash to give you that extra speed boost.

As Hecarim, your job is to look for early opportunities for ganks because you have an insane early game gank potential. Ganking early can help you get leads that you can use to snowball the game.

Solo Carry Champions for Mid


Our first pick for mid lane carry champions is Veigar. Veigar is a very easy champion to use, and you can easily kill enemies with your Primordial Burst (R) ultimate. You have a decent laning phase and can bully other mids that don’t have much mobility.

As Veigar, you have to focus on getting stacks from your passive. Your Ability Power increases each time you kill large minions, large jungle monsters, and enemies. So make sure to bully your lane opponents and get that free AP.

You become a late-game monster with your insane AP as long as you are able to properly stack your passive. Most enemies will be afraid of you because you can deal insane amounts of damage.

Get the Predator Keystone to help you a bit with your mobility, and make sure to build an Everfrost, Rabadon’s Deatchap, and a Zhonya’s Hourglass. You’ll have a hard time against more mobile champions since you don’t have any mobility yourself. I recommend banning champions like Katarina, Kassadin, and Zed.


Vex is one of the newer champions in League of Legends. Vex is one of the most powerful mid-laners in the game today. She has the potential to completely obliterate enemies and single-handedly carry the game.

You should mainly take Electrocute matched with Ignite as your summoner. Like most mages, Vex works well with Everfrost, matched with Shadowflame, a Zhonya’s Hourglass for survivability, and a Rabadon’s Deathcap for more damage.

Vex also has insane burst potential and great mobility. The reset on her Shadow Surge (R) ultimate allows her to be a consistent threat in team fights while also being mobile enough to chase down enemies.

Vex is countered by other powerful champs like Zilean, Veigar, and Anivia, so make sure to ban them or don’t pick Vex against them.


Completing our mid-lane solo carry champions list is Viktor. The triple-threat triple “V” mid champs, Veigar, Vex, and Viktor. Viktor is currently a popular pick among other mids and is considered as one of the most consistent mid champions you can use.

Viktor has been very good ever since the mage item reworks were released. Take the Keystone First Strike and build towards the Crown of Shattered Queen, Shadowflame, and a Zhonya’s Hourglass or Rabadon’s Deathcap.

You can easily bully your lane opponents with your great poke potential, zone them out using your Gravity Field (W), and finish them with your Chaos Storm (R) ultimate. Overall, Viktor has an excellent laning phase unless you are matched with a dive-first assassin. Make sure to ban Assassins like Zed, Katarina, and Kassadin to help make your life easier.

Solo Carry Champions for ADC/Bot


Jinx is a great solo carry champion as an ADC. She offers great damage and can fit into most team compositions with ease. She’s currently one of the most popular marksmen in the game because of her insane carry potential and because she was featured in the hit animated series Arcane.

Jinx is a fun champion to play that has great mobility as an ADC and can even set herself up for kills with a Zap! (W) and Flame Chompers! (E) combo. She can also easily snowball if she can get some quick kills early on.

Lethal Tempo is a great rune to take on Jinx, matched with Heal as her summoner. Her core build focuses on Galeforce, Rapid Firecannon, and an Infinity Edge. These items help her gain more crit, attack speed, and attack damage.

Once Jinx gets going, she can be quite difficult to stop. As long as she isn’t countered by champions like Sivir, Twitch, and Caitlyn. You’re good to go.


Next up, we have a champion with a completely different playstyle from Jinx. Jhin likes to keep his distance and deal damage from afar, like very far away. He has insane range and can easily kill opponents within a few shots.

Jhin is one of the more unique marksmen in the game. He doesn’t focus on suffocating you with a load of bullets but instead takes precise and damage-filled shots. Lethal Tempo is one of the most popular runes to take on an ADC. However, Jhin doesn’t take that rune, so he wasn’t affected by the recent changes.

Fleet Footwork is the best rune Keystone to take with Jhin. Building the items Galeforce, The Collector, Rapid Firecannon, and Infinity Edge will take your damage to the next level. As Jhin, you always want to keep your distance and manage your bullets. Remember, you only have four, and the fourth one will deal the most damage, so use them effectively.

Make sure to also place your Captive Audience (E) at effective places to get the most out of them. You’ll definitely want to stay away from champions like Vayne, Tristana, and Twitch since they can counter you and make you useless during the laning phase.


Finally, we have Vayne. Vayne has always been one of those champions that can pull off a solid 1v9 solo carry performance. A good Vayne can single-handedly win you the game. A fed Vayne is annoying to fight against because of her great mobility, and insane outplay potential.

I’m sure that we’ve all seen at least a clip or two of a good Vayne outplaying their opponents left and right. As long as you are gifted mechanically and can master Vayne, you can become unstoppable.

The Lethal Tempo rune fits Vayne perfectly. You’ll also want to focus on building items like the Immortal Shieldbow, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Wit’s End, and Phantom Dancer. Vayne is more of a late-game champion, but if you can snowball early on, the game is already decided.

She can be countered by Senna, Veigar, and Caitlyn, so be careful about those champions. A good Vayne matched with a good support is an unstoppable duo that can help you easily climb the ranks.

Solo Carry Champions for Support


Blitzcrank has been a consistently good support because of his tankiness and ability to set up plays like no other. A good Blitzcrank knows how to position himself and hook the enemies’ carry and pick them off.

Overall, as a support, you aren’t going to be dealing too much damage or getting a lot of kills. But, you can still solo carry as a support by setting your team up, healing them, or isolating enemies for your team to follow up on and kill.

Blitzcrank excels at isolating an enemy and picking them off. His hook is one of the only ones in the game that brings your enemy closer to you. When matched with his Power Fist (E) and Static Field (R), your enemy gets knocked up and silenced, leaving them helpless.

You want to be able to take some damage as Blitzcrank. The best rune to get is Aftershock matched with Ignite as your summoner. Building Locket of the Iron Solari and Zeke’s Convergence can help you get better utility out of your skills. These also allow you to tank up some damage without dying.

Overall, Blitzcrank is good against squishier supports but can be countered by engage-focused supports like Rell, Taric, and Rakan.


Soraka is one of the most popular healers and champions in League of Legends. Her heals will always be valuable to any team. Staying in the backline and keeping your carries healthy will allow you to carry the game. You won’t get much recognition, but that ADC is alive because of your heals.

Her Wish (R) is a global heal that can turn the tides in battles across the map. On the other hand, your Astral Infusion (W) can help your bot lane partner survive the laning phase with ease.

Items like Moonstone Renewer, Redemption, and Warmog’s Armor work well on Soraka. You’ll also want to take the Guardian rune for some extra protection for you and your allies. Make sure to take the Heal summoner spell for maximum healing powers.

Overall, Soraka matches well with almost any champion because everyone needs a heal once-in-a-while. She struggles against champions like Blitzcrank, Rell, and Leona, though, so make sure to plan ahead.


The final champion on our list is no other than Nami. She’s a very easy champion to use. Aside from her Aqua Prison (Q), you don’t have any other skill shots that require precision. Her Tidal Wave (R) can change the tides of a battle because of its huge AOE knock-up and slow.

As Nami, simply using your Ebb and Flow (W) and Tidecaller’s Blessing (E) effectively is enough to win you lane. Especially when you’re paired with a great champion like Caitlyn or Lucian your snowballs can easily lead to victory.

Hitting your Aqua Prison (Q) bubble is beneficial since enemies caught in it are helpless for a while. However, simply healing and empowering your allies already goes a long way.

You’ll want to take Summon Aery as your Keystone and Ignite as your other summoner spell. This helps create some extra lane and kill pressure. Some of your standard core items should be Imperial Mandate, Chemtech Purifier, and Staff of Flowing Water.

Overall, Nami is a great support that provides a little bit of everything.

Those were our picks for the best champions you can use to solo carry a game. Use these champions to help get yourself out of elo hell and climb the ranks.

Written by Borut Udovic

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