Legion TD 2: Can You Play Offline? | Co-Op PvE

For one, there are many players that are wondering whether Legion TD 2 can be played offline. There is a lot of interest for this, especially, for some sort of a co-op PvE experience, similar to the one back in Warcraft III days. We’ll tackle all these questions one by one, in order to find whether Legion TD 2 is providing different kinds of experiences.

Can You Play Solo OR Co-Op PvE – Legion TD 2

Like I said, there is a lot of interest for this. Even the community feed on Steam for this game is full of offline co-op inquiries. But is this available in Legion TD 2?

Yes, Legion TD 2 can be played either SOLO or Co-Op PvE, on the campaign, which is against different bots with different abilities, and against AI, which have difficulties ranging from unranked to diamond.

But there is a problem. While technically this is considered offline play, you must have an internet connection to play the game, no matter if it’s the campaign or online.

This is because the game is setup in a way in which a network connection is required to verify the license, and other similar verifications that the game does. Basically means, can’t even start the game if you are playing without an internet connection.

Another thing which is important to mention is the fact that players can add AI to their team. So, if you’re playing solo, you can add bots to your team to play against other AI.

So, Legion TD 2 can be played solo or co-op PvE, but you must have an internet connection to do so.

Written by Borut Udovic

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