Leveling Guide: Fastest Way To Level (1-50) | Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a fantastic MMORPG game with a max-level cap of 50. Level 50 is where you are done with the big part of the story and cannot progress your character further.

After level 50, players are more focused on doing daily dungeons and weekly raids. Once level 50 is reached, the only way to progress further into the game is by unlocking different achievements and gearing up well. Most players are looking for an easier way to reach level 50.

This guide will help you find the Fastest Way to Reach Level 50 in Lost Ark.

Fastest Way to Reach Level 50 – Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you are given a storyline that is filled with a bunch of quests all around the continents of the map.

This is a good way for the player to get a good feel of the game and get introduced to all the interesting builds and mechanics the game has to offer.

The game has to offer several quests that offer different types of rewards once completed.

  • There are main quests, which look orange, these are the main story quests and give you the most EXP while completing.
  • Purple tutorial quests.
  • Yellow chained questlines, which can lead to earning some great rewards.
  • Yellow secondary quests
  • Red quests, that appear on the map as you roam around, and are only there for several minutes.
  • Pink report quests that can build a relationship with a chosen NPC.

Your main quests to focus on are of course the orange main quests. That is because they will get you to level 50 the fastest. As you go on with your journey in completing main orange quests. You will unlock a ship, with that ship you will be able to sail the seas in Lost Ark and those orange quests will turn blue.

Also doing the Purple tutorial quests are great for learning the game and earning exclusive mounts and gear throughout your journey. You will need a mount because all the maps in Lost Ark are huge, and getting from one place to another will be quicker.

Make sure to unlock as many portals as you can around all the maps that you will walkthrough. You unlock the portals by simply going over them and using them for a small fee. This will save you time so you don’t walk back and forth in the same area for a specific quest.

Accepting side quests along with the main quests can be an extra bonus. Sometimes the side quest can give you the same job to do as the main quest. And that is just free EXP and rewards, in my opinion, if that does not happen for you, simply just ignore the side quest or abandon it.

While roaming around the areas and doing regular main story quests, a red quest can pop up in the area, it’s like a sudden mission. They barely take any time and it’s usually just to kill a few mobs and get good EXP.

Staying at a party is always great for leveling up. Due to the fact that if a party member kills a mob, it counts for you as well. And killing mobs as a group is much faster than regular.

Reaching level 50 can usually take up to 15 and 20 playing hours, depending on how well you are organized and how fast you do the quests.

Written by Borut Udovic

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