15 Biggest Lies Our Parents Told Us As Children

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It’s easy to believe anything you’re told as a child. These ideas live rent-free in our minds, and we stick to them even as we age. Then one day, you realize just how much of a lie they turned out to be. Sometimes, you laugh at how gullible you were; still, they made the good old days so much fun.

Let’s throw it back with some of the silliest lies folks believed growing up.

1. Turning The Inside Car Lights On Was Illegal

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It’s an intelligent way to prevent the kids from turning on the car lights. One must applaud the adults for inventing this lie. I don’t know anyone who fiddled with the car lights when they learned this act was “illegal” — except those who live dangerously.

2. Employers Care About Your Extracurricular School Activities

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These activities are essential to groom you. However, most employers only care if you win ten gold medals in a 100-meter relay or if you’re good on stage if you want to go further in that field. Still, the skills you get from these extracurricular activities can also be handy.

3. The Linear Routine

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It’s a life where one focuses on studying, earning a degree or learning a trade, working hard, paying taxes, and starting a family. This “linear life routine” promises a beautiful life with a nice pension when you’re getting old. It seemed like a good offer and a glimpse at perfection.

This may have worked from the ’60s to the early ’90s. Unfortunately, that’s not the case now, and there’s no room for tradition. To be happy, one does not need to follow all the rules linearly or not.

4. Watermelon Seeds Grow In Your Stomach

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This only works when you have loamy soil in your GIT and sunlight within reach. If you do, well, kudos, and how’s the watermelon business coming along? The same goes for orange seeds. At what age did you find out those were lies?

5. Gum And McDonald’s Never Digest

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Seven years have gone, and these are still in your stomach. You need to get to the hospital for immediate surgery to get them out. That’s if your digestive tract hasn’t stopped functioning and your stomach acid hasn’t already lost potency. Seven years is a long time.

6. Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows

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It would explain why the chocolate milk was brown compared to regular milk. But then you’d wonder what milk a black cow would produce. For most, it remained a mystery until high school, when everything cleared up as they learned how they made milk.

7. Adults Know What They Are Doing

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You’re way past 18 and figured out the truth now. Everyone is just winging it and trying to figure out their next step. Shocker, wasn’t it? But now you’re going with the flow, too.

8. Good Grades Equal Good Jobs

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When you have a great job, a good life is inevitable. In reality, good grades don’t guarantee a good job or life. Sadly, life is neither fair nor black and white. There are so many variables; you probably learned this the hard way.

9. Life Gets Better

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News flash, it doesn’t, but you know about that now. Often, it’s just a saying that helps you keep pushing through life, hoping for a better ending at the endpoint and the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

10. Recognition Comes With Hard Work

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Most times, this isn’t the case. You can toil and work hard for a company without being recognized. Hard work is only about half of the equation, and to gain recognition. One often has to be daring to stand out.

11. Vegetables Make You Tall

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Then what is the purpose of eating proteins? The adults must have devised this to get kids to eat the horrible-tasting broccoli. Before puberty hits, one would do almost anything to be taller. With the promise of an extra inch to one’s height, they would gulp every veggie.

12. Money Doesn’t Give Happiness

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Here is one lie I’m glad I rarely hear these days. Money isn’t everything; it can’t guarantee peace of mind, but it can provide happiness, if only momentarily.

13. Algebra Is Necessary For Living

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Mixing alphabets and numbers ruined math for most people. If you’re like most people, you must have wondered at what point in your life you’d need to use algebra. It must have been unpleasant to discover that you don’t need it.

14. “Olden Days” Were In Black And White

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Except for the television used in the old times, nothing else was in black and white. Oh, the shame for believing this. Millennials didn’t invent colors, folks. It’s always been there.

15. Santa Claus Is Real

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Didn’t we all fall for this? Sadly, Santa Claus is not real and never was. He may have brought you a gift on Christmas Eve, but he’s not real. It’s why you never saw him and your dad in the same room.

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