Link’s Awakening Necklace | Where to find the Mermaid Necklace location

Link’s Awakening Necklace

Remakes are a relatively new trend in modern gaming. Some games are produced to absolute perfection, and making a direct sequel or such would be a huge disservice. Link’s Awakening is one of these titles. Adding new content, and refining preexisting graphics and goals, Nintendo went above and beyond in this title. The Link’s Awakening necklace and stemming quest are an example of these tenets. Here’s where to find the Mermaid Necklace location in Link’s Awakening

Where to find the Link’s Awakening Mermaid Necklace Location

Link's Awakening Necklace

For those not in the know, Link’s Awakening has been remade by Nintendo. With it, new graphics, content, quests, and more have been added to the classic title. New and persisting fans of the Zelda series are thrilled and behooved by the game’s classic puzzles. Some of the puzzles are straightforward, while other ones seem to depend on luck. The Trading Sequence is one of the latter. 

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In Link’s Awakening, the Trading Sequence is a side quest that demands a series of incremental trades, involving fish hooks, Yoshi dolls, ribbons and more, which lead up to the Magnifying Lens.

At times, gathering all of these items can feel a bit like a wild goose chase, hunting down all the random leads and trying to trade up. One of the final trades tasks players with finding the Mermaid Necklace location before they can continue trading. The overall order of the Trading Quest goes like this. 

  • Yoshi Doll
  • Ribbon
  • Dog Food
  • Bananas
  • Stick
  • Honeycomb
  • Pineapple
  • Hibiscus
  • Letter
  • Broom
  • Fishing Hook
  • Mermaid Necklace
  • Scale
  • Magnifying Lens

Lots of players seem to have trouble getting rid of the Fishing Hook, which is how you get the Mermaid Necklace in Link’s Awakening. Once the Fishing Hook is received, it needs to be given to the Fisherman underneath the bridge at Martha’s Bay. Once you give him the hook, he will give Link the Mermaid Necklace a little later on.

Once Link has the Mermaid Necklace, he’ll have to give it to Martha, a mermaid, to advance the Trading Sequence and complete the quest.


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