Live A Live | How to Unlock Final Chapters

Live A Live - How to Unlock Final Chapters

With Nintendo Switch players finally experiencing Live A Live, some might be confused as to how some aspects might work. It’s a game told through space and time, and Live A Live allows you to play through the chapters in any order. This, of course, only means the first seven chapters as opposed to all nine. The first seven worlds introduce a new hero to play as, and you’ll only need to complete a couple of steps to reach the final chapters.

How to Unlock Final Chapters in Live A Live

How to Unlock Final Chapters in Live A Live

To unlock the final chapters of Live A Live, you’ll first need to complete the initial seven chapters. Once you play through them, the eighth chapter will become available. Finish chapter eight to finally unlock chapter nine, the game’s final chapter. These are titled “The Middle Ages: The Lord of Dark” and “Dominion of Hate” respectively.

SPOILER WARNING: The rest of this guide contains minor spoilers for Live A Live. Please read at your own discretion.

All of this is done for story purposes. It all comes together in the last two chapters since you can play as any of the first protagonists. You have Pogo, Shifu’s student, Oboromaru, the Sundown Kid, Masaru, Akira, and Cube as the main seven. Now, the eighth chapter features one more protagonist, Oersted.

However, his story is filled with tragedy, with his closest companions getting killed in one way or another. This causes him to take on the name of Odio, the game’s villain. Completing chapter eight will open up the final chapter, where Odio summons all seven heroes to Lucrece.

“O child, now come and see, their true design.” – Odio

From here, you get to choose which character to play, including Oersted. Now, depending on who you pick, the ending will vary, though it sort of boils down to selecting any of the seven or Oersted. What matters next is what you do while in the Dominion of Hate. The heroes have four distinct endings while Oersted offers two. Least to say, trust your instincts if you wish to defeat Odio, and be cautious of his attacks.

Written by Andrew Smith