Lost Ark: A Starlit Melody Quest (Walkthrough)

A Starlit Melody is a complex quest where you are needed to find Frank and figure out where the soul of his wife is. To begin everything you are needed to speak with Lena who is the young daughter of the fallen mother.

For you as a player this will be a long ongoing adventure until you find the lost soul of the mother and retrieve the letter to both the Frank and Lena.

I will walk you through all the quests you need to do in order to finish the Starlit Melody quest.

A Starlit Melody Quest – Lost Ark

In order to begin your journey in finishing the Starlit Melody quest, you are needed to travel all the way to the Starlight Isle.

There you will find Lena, who is the NPC which gives out the first quest for your quest line.


  1. A Lighthouse for the Soul

Once you get to Lena she will give you the first quest called: A Lighthouse for the Soul.
She will tell you to go up the light house and meet her father Frank, which he continues with the quest.

Frank will give u a task to talk with Favreau and guide the souls, once that is done you head back to Lena where you will finish the first quest.

  1. For the Lost Soul

This one is pretty simple. Lena gives you a task to go and check out Favreau’s diary. After that you are needed to head to the Frozen Sea and gather information from the Unloader. Once you have finished your conversation with the Unloader. You will be sent to find the frozen corpse of a woman in Iceblood Plateau, Shushire.

When you find the corpse, your next step is to ask why she wouldn’t leave. A soul of a woman will appear and you will need to speak with her. She will tell you to meet her son Roehn in the frozen sea, and once you are done with that, head back to the woman’s soul to speak with her again. And from there you will be needed to return to Lana and finish this quest.

  1. The Pianist of the Lonely Lighthouse

This is just a quick one. You need to go to the father to try to guide the soul back but Frank is unable to do so, eventually you head back to Lana and finish the quest.

  1. Starkeeper’s Records

Here you need to travel to Runaways Island and ask about Diego. Eventually you will find someone named Diego, and find Diego himself dead on the floor. You will retrieve his soul and give it to Diego’s mother. You will speak with Diego’s soul after that and eventually finish the quest there.

  1. The Soul Left in X-301

You are given this quest by Diego’s mother. She will tell you to go to Facility X-301 and find I-202. You will need to look around the area and retrieve parts for the robot, you need to get: Arm Circuitry, Joint Rivet and an Eye Sensor. Once you deliver the part to B-0031, you will need to repair him. Once you repair the stronger and improved robot, you need to head back to Lena in Starlight Isle.

  1. Under the Starlight Lighthouse

Here you go with Lana together to her father Frank where he will be unable to retrieve souls again, after that you and Lena go back by the shack and are in search to find her mother’s diary. You find the diary and head back to Lana to complete the quest.

  1. Finding Eileen’s Soul

You start the quest by opening the mother’s diary and you are needed to go to Prideholme and ask Father Varut about Eileen and where you finish the quest.

  1. Favreau and Eileen

You start the quest again by opening the diary and talking to Lana who is inside the church with you. Now you are needed to travel to places to find the flower from Eileen’s memories. You don’t find it in the first island and open the diary again to see where they go, the next location is Sunbright Hill, Luterra, and you need to speak with Allegro which will tell you to find Eileen’s traces and that’s where you will finish the quest.

  1. Your Traces

Your quest begins with Allegro which he asks you to speak with Lana and check the fourth diary. From there you get a new location to search in Rattan Hill in Anikka where you look around and find the right place with the letter, you then head back to Lana telling her that you can find her mother’s soul. And you both go to Starlight Isle and it’s where you finish the quest.

  1. A Starlight Melody

Your last quest needed begins with father Frank. You hand over the letter of Eileen and you finally finish the “A Starlit Melody” quest.

Written by Borut Udovic

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