Lost Ark: All 10 Wailing Swamp Mokoko Seed Locations

The Wailing Swamp is a Lost Ark area which is located in the Feiton Continent. It is a rather large area that needs to be covered. The area itself holds 10 hidden Mokoko Seeds which players have a hard time gathering.

For some areas, it’s simple to spot them and get the seeds. But sometimes other songs or items are required for secret passages to be opened or removed.

This guide will show you all the Mokoko Seed Locations in the Wailing Swamp in Lost Ark.

Wailing Swamp Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

Location 1 (Mokoko Seed 1)

This first location can be found on the southwest border of the map inside the Wailing Forest. To reach the desired and simple location of the Mokoko Seed, simply walk towards the border of the map from the Kalaja portal. Keep going West until you reach the marked location and collect your seed.

Location 2 (Mokoko Seed 2)

For the second location, you will need a Bloody Fist item to enter the secret area. Just north from the Wailing Forest, on the edge of the map, there will be an NPC that will stand there and do nothing. Use the Bloody Fist potion and you will enter a secret area where the Mokoko Seed it.

Location 3 (Mokoko Seed 3)

The third location of the Mokoko Seed will be just south of the Carnivorous Plant Colony. Once you reach there, a red closed-off flower can be seen. To destroy the flower, use the “Soulful Requiem” song. When the flower blows up, you will be able to collect your Mokoko seeds.

Location 4 (Mokoko Seed 4)

This location is simple, move North towards the Carnivorous Plant Colony where you will find the Mokoko seed hidden in a pile of leaves right next to a tree.

Location 5 (Mokoko Seed 5)

The fifth location of the Mokoko Seeds is simple really. All you need to do is go to the exact location that is marked on the map. You will need to follow the eastern border of the path at the Red Mine. Once you reached your desired destination, you will see a bunch of dead trees and the Mokoko seed will be hidden in a bush right next to the trees.

Location 6 (Mokoko Seed 6)

At the sixth location, you will find an NPC named Jeremion. He is the person who will let you enter the secret area and obtain your Mokoko Seed, once you have 300 Charisma.

Location 7 (Mokoko Seed 7)

In this location, which is just northwest of the Avesta Camp, you will find another red closed flower that you will need to destroy with the song “Soulful Requiem”. Once the flower has been destroyed, simply walk towards the already located Mokoko seed and collect it!

Location 8 (Mokoko Seed 8)

The eighth location for this seed can be found just south of the Delain Settlement. In order to collect your Mokoko Seed, you will need to climb up a tree, which is easy to do since you have the yellow pointing arrows to do so. Once you are up the tree, simply collect the seed and you are on your way to the next seed!

Location 9 (Mokoko Seed 9)

Right in the center of the Delain Settlement, the Mokoko Seed can be found. It is near a blue dead tree that is shining from the ground. It’s easy to spot this seed. Go to your marked location and collect it!

Location 10 (Mokoko Seed 10)

Right in the center of the Forest Sentinel Habitat, a red closed flower will be found, which holds a Mokoko Seed. Destroy the flower by using the song “Soulful Requiem” and collect your last seed!

Written by Borut Udovic

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