Lost Ark: All 9 Hall of Promise Mokoko Seed Locations

The Hall of Promise is an area that contains 9 Mokoko seeds. This is the main city area which is located in Yorn. Here you will be needed to enter hidden areas which are hard to notice. For some places, you will need specific requirements to enter or for a seed to be spotted.

This area has 3 Tri Port teleportation locations, which will make traveling around the area and looking for the 9 hidden Mokoko Seeds easier.

This guide will show you all the Hall of Promise Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark.

Hall of Promise all Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

NOTE: You will need 300 Courage, “Romantic Weapon” Song Coolkur Beer and Wonderful Rum if you want to collect all 9 seeds in this area.

The first location of the Mokoko Seed takes place at the southern side of the map, right next to the bottom Tri Port teleportation. In order to get this seed, you must climb a chain and you will see the Mokoko Seed placed on the ground where you can collect.

The second location for the second Mokoko Seed is located on the opposite side of the first location. West from the Southern Tri Port location. In order to get into the specific area where the seed is located, you will need to dink 1 Coolkur Beer.

The third location for the Mokoko Seed is located west of the yellow quest that is shown on the map. Here you will need to use the “Romantic Weapon” song in order to move the barrel and collect your Mokoko seed that is hiding inside.

The fourth location is located south of the Sunken Great Plaza. It’s easy to locate and collect the seed, because it’s only placed behind a pillar on the floor.

This location can be found on the north side of the map, at the Great Umar Sculpture. To enter this secret area you will need 300 courage. Once you have gained 300 courage, you will be able to secret area and collect the seed.

The sixth location is located just about north of the Sunken Great Plaza. In the corner of the pathway. Here you will need to jump on a few cliffs and you will see the Mokoko Seed placed on the ground where you can collect.

This location of the seed is located on the north side of the map, North-East from the Ancient Path. Once you reach that area, you will need to climb some vines and get on top of a cliff. You will see a few crystals placed in the ground. The Mokoko seed will be found and collected right in-front of the crystals, hidden in grass.

The eight Mokoko seed is located on the western side of the map, west of the tri port teleportation. Once you are there, you will need to drink Wonderful Run in order to get access to the secret area and collect your seed.

For the last location, you will need to go to the western end of the map, where you will see a closed-off ball. Use the song “Romantic Weapon” in order to open the ball and collect your last Mokoko Seed.

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