Lost Ark: All Distorted Island Mokoko Seed Locations

The Distorted Island is a small island that contains 3 Mokoko seeds. What is most interesting about this island is that you are not able to open up a map or see the full image of how the island looks.

Therefore you must need to move around the island to discover it and see what it has to offer. Most players also find it difficult to locate the 3 Mokoko seeds that are hidden on this island.

This guide will help you find all the Mokoko Seeds in Distorted Island in Lost Ark.

Distorted Island Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

  1. Location

The first location of the Mokoko seed on the Distorted Island is right next to you from when you spawn on the island. Once you spawn, simply just go west and when you see a flipped boat, simply walk in the corner of the boat and the palm tree, the Mokoko Seed will be waiting for you to collect!

  1. Location

Once you have collected the first seed. You will be needed to go North towards an open gate. Simply move right towards the gate and you will see the Mokoko seed peeking from the corner, that is where you shall find it and pick it up.

  1. Location

The third location is a bit trickier than the other two, once you have passed the gates and continued North, just after the gate you will need to move right or East and go through some trees.

This is sort of a hidden area where you will find the third Mokoko seed. Once you have made it through the hidden trees, you will notice a shiny glowing entrance towards a cave on your Western Side, and the Mokoko Seed will be placed on the ground on the opposite side of the entrance.

Written by Borut Udovic

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