Lost Ark: All Frostfire Island Mokoko Seed Locations

The Frostfire Island is a mix of a frozen and lava island. One half is all frozen and with ice-cold-blooded monsters, and the other part with lava blazes and constructs.

This Island has a total of 3 Mokoko Seeds which are scattered all around. Some players may find it difficult to find them. But in reality, with a little bit of help from us, you will make sure to collect the Mokoko Seeds in no time!

This guide will help you find all the Mokoko seeds in Frostfire Island in Lost Ark.

All Frostfire Island Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark

  1. Location

The first location of the Mokoko seed is located on the Southside of the island. Not at the corner of the most southern point of the map, it’s located right at the very corner that takes you there.

  1. Location

The second location of the Mokoko seed in Frostfire island is located on the most southern point of the map. You will need to go towards the end of the map where it’s covered by some trees, you will see the Mokoko seed placed on the ground and waiting for you to pick it up!

  1. Location

The third location is located way up on the Northside of the island. This is the fire surrounded area of the island. The Mokoko seed will be placed behind a rock and surrounded by lava. Once you get there, pick up the seed and you will finish the collection of all 3 seeds for the island.

Written by Borut Udovic

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